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DIY Cement Heart Place Card and Photo Holders

DIY Cement Heart Shaped Place Card Holders or Photo Holders: easy and inexpensive to make, perfect for your table, wedding, or Valentine’s Day.

DIY Cement Heart Place Card and Photo Holders: Easy to make with a dollar store baking tray mould and some quick dry cement. Great for Valentine's Day, a wedding, or as home decor.

I love the look of cement and thought it might be fun to make some little DIY Cement Heart Place Card and Photo Holders.  There were simple to make and came out really well.  

I used them for our Valentine’s Day Romantic Night In as place card holders, and then used them with some of my favourite pics of my little Valentines as photo holders.  I think they’d be really great as table number holders for a wedding too, or to hold food labels for a dessert table…the possibilities are endless.

Cement Photo Holders

So here’s how I made them.


  • Quick Drying Cement
  • Silicon Heart Muffin Tray
  • Baking Spray
  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Plastic Container
  • Something to stir with (like a paint stick)
  • Paint or Gold Leaf
  • Mod Podge
make your own Cement Photo Holders


1.  In a plastic disposable container (like an old ice cream container) combine your fast drying cement mix with water until you have a good consistency.  Be sure to mix very thoroughly.
DIY Cement Heart Place Card and Photo Holders
2.  Spray your baking tray (I picked mine up at the dollar store) with baking spray so that the cement won’t stick to the mould.
3.  Cut lengths of wire, and wrap one end around a wooden spoon or dowel tightly three times to create the circle that will hold the paper.  Squeeze together tightly.  On the other end, make a large circle so that the wire will stand up, and won’t pull easily out of the cement when it is finished.
DIY Cement Photo Holders
4.  Fill the heart baking tray a little ways with cement, then add in the wire, and fill up some more.  Use your mixing stick to press down the cement, and smooth out the top.
5.  Allow to set over night.
6.  Remove the cement hearts from the tray, and smooth out any rough spots on the top with a knife.  Tape off a section and paint it or apply gold leaf.  We did ours on a diagonal.
painting DIY Cement Photo Holders
7.  After the paint is dry or gold leaf is added, remove tape, and apply a coat of Mod Podge over the whole heart to seal it.
8.  Use to display photos, or as place card holders.
how to make Cement Photo Holders

More Ideas

They worked great as place card holders too.
how to make a Cement Heart Place Card holder
I really liked the rustic feel they added to our Valentine’s Day table.

easy cement concrete project photo holder

We painted some with white and blush pink paint.  The other two we added gold leaf to -love the bit of sparkle against the rough cement.

These were really inexpensive to make, and you could quickly and easily make a large quantity if you needed to.

I think after Valentine’s Day a few will find a home on my desk as message holders.

DIY Cement Photo Holder with gold leaf

With DIY Cement Heart Place Cards and Photo Holders, life really is a party.

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