Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies -easy sew, and the perfect play food for kids to enjoy!
Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies -easy to sew, and the perfect play food for kids to enjoy.  The little faces with their different expressions are adorable.

For the #12MonthsofDIY Challenge this month, I’m joining with 11 other Canadian Blogging pals to share some great projects all made with felt!  When I first heard that felt was the material for July, I knew I wanted to make some cute felt play food.  Could these Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies be any cuter?  And they’re really fun to make too.

Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies

All our felt was provided by Kunin Felt.  Their Eco-fi Plus Premium Felt is made from re-cycled materials, and is also lovely and thick, and soft to work with.


  • Felt – I used Candy Pink, Sandstone Beige,  Dark Brown Walnut and Black
  • Stuffing
  • Disappearing Marker
  • Embroidery Cotton – pink, white, black, dark brown and beige

how to make felt cookies


Start by tracing a circle shape on to the beige felt.  I used a circle that was about 6.5 cm in diameter and traced around it.  I used a disappearing marker for this project, it worked really well, without having to worry about any pen markings on the final project.

Next cut out two circles for each cookie, along with tiny circle cheeks in pink, eyes in black, and varying sized chocolate chips in the dark brown.  Sharp scissors are a must when working with fabric, especially when making the little detail pieces.

how to make felt cookies

Now use the disappearing marker to mark your face.  Be sure to mix and match different eye and mouth styles to make lots of unique little faces.  This is the really fun part as their little cookie personalities come to life. 😉

diy felt play food cookies

Making the Faces

To create the mouth, use 2 strands of embroidery cotton, and back stitch the mouth.  For the eyes, stitch closed, winking, or sleeping eyes, or use black felt dots.  You can also add stitched eye lashes.  For the centre of the eye, use white embroidery cotton to make a french knot.  Add the pink felt checks with one stitch.

Next the chocolate chips are cut in varying sizes and shapes -to imitate real cookies.  Stitch them to the cookie with a small x.

Once the face and chips are attached, it’s time to sew the cookie together.  I used 2 strands of beige embroidery cotton, and sewed with a blanket stitch, I like the way it finishes the edges.

diy felt food cookies

Next leave a little gap near the end, and then lastly add in a little stuffing before closing.

how to make felt play food

They’re a little time consuming, but simple and so, so cute.

felt cookies

I started out making three, but it was so much fun coming up with their little facial expressions, that I made more.

how to make felt cookies

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think this little cry-baby cookie is my favourite.

Might be easier to sneak up on a sleeping cookie. 😉

Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies

With handmade Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies, life really is a party!

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  1. these are just adorable! I am definitely adding them to my list of fun projects to do with nieces and nephews – we love anything food related:)

  2. Your Felt Chocolate Chip Cookies are so clever, so creative and so adorable. There are so many possibilities for using them! They are a fun decor piece and of course with pretend tea parties! I love the idea of making each one look different using a different facial expression! I think they would make lovely handmade gifts too!

  3. Thanks Sonja, yes there really are endless possibilities. Love making felt food and the little faces are a little more added fun. You should try it 🙂
    Best, Dannyelle

  4. These are adorable! I’m so working on getting my stitching even-looking and these will be so fun to practice on!

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