Felt Play Food Christmas Cookies

Felt Play Food Christmas Cookies: use cookie cutters to make patterns and embellish with beads and faces to make the cutest felt play food.
Felt Play Food Christmas Cookies: use cookie cutters to make patterns and embellish with beads and faces to make the cutest felt play food.

It’s so fun to make handmade beautiful things, especially for Christmas.  These Felt Play Food Christmas Cookies will delight any children on your Christmas list this year.  

When my girls were little they loved playing with felt food, and now these are the perfect holiday gift for the little ones in my life.  They’re very easy to make, and their little faces are sure to make them a hit with any shopkins fans in your life.

How to make felt Christmas cookies

Felt Play Food Christmas Cookie Materials:

  • assorted colors of felt
  • Christmas cookie cutters to use as patterns
  • thread
  • stuffing
  • beads to use as sprinkles
  • white and black embroidery cotton
diy felt food

How To Make Felt Play Food Christmas Cookies:

1.  Use Christmas cookie cutters to make a pattern for your felt cookies.

2.  Cut out two light brown felt shapes as the cookie front and back, and then colored “icing” pieces, slightly smaller than the cookie pieces.

3.  Start the sewing with adding the face.  Cut two small black felt eyes, and pink felt cheeks.  Use the white embroidery cotton and stitch one french knot as the center for each eye.  Next is the mouth stitched with black embroidery cotton using the backstitch.  I found it really helpful to use a disappearing marker (you can find at the fabric store) to mark the mouth and get just the right expression before stitching.

4.  Add any other embellishments, like bead “sprinkles”.  Next, sew the “icing” to the cookie piece.  Then, sew the the cookie pieces together using the blanket stitch.  Leave a small hole for the stuffing.  Once it’s lightly stuffed, stitch up the hole and your cookie is finished.

How to make felt play food

These are perfect for little ones to enjoy their own Christmas tea parties over the holidays.

felt play food Christmas cookies

I made a few different cookies: a bell, a star, a Christmas tree, a candy cane, a stocking, and a little Christmas pudding.

felt play food pattern

The most fun is choosing all the different expressions on their cute little faces.

how to make diy felt food

These would make the perfect handmade gift for the holidays.

Happy sewing!  With homemade Felt Play Food Christmas Cookies, life really is a party!

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