Gentle Purging -Decluttering Clothes

Gentle Purging -Organizing and Decluttering Clothes: keep, trash, donate and …store. Alllowing yourself to store what you’re not ready to part with.
Gentle Purging -Decluttering and Organizing Your Clothes: keep, trash, donate and ...store. Alllowing yourself to store what you're not ready to part with.


It’s Week Two of the One Room Challenge and time to get organized.  You might remember in my before pictures that there were some serious piles of clothes around my dresser.  This week I’m decluttering clothes, and getting things organized.

decluttering clothes
Organizing and Decluttering Clothes

I have to admit that all those clothes are mine…and the dresser full too.

We’re lucky enough to have a walk in closet, remember our little makeover of my husband’s side here? So all his clothes are in the closet. I also have one side of the closet and it isn’t very organized at all.

I wouldn’t want to call myself a hoarder but… I’d definitely be closer to that end than a purger. I’m a hanger on-er. Part of the reason is that I didn’t have a lot of things when I was a kid and taught to take good care of what I did have and make it last. I also come from a long line of hanger-oners, and have to say that being a blogger the idea that I might need something to makeover in the future takes on new meaning.

I also struggle with my weight. Anyone else there with me? So I have an assortment of clothes in a range of sizes. I tend to go up and down. Of course when you’re down you shop because you feel like you look better…then when you’re up, nothing cute fits. Also, you tend to hang on to the smaller stuff in the hopes that you’ll get back into them.

For the last while my dresser has been full of clothes that don’t fit. The clothes that do fit have been in piles on the floor around my dresser. Kind of crazy, but I just wasn’t ready to get rid of those smaller clothes and admit defeat.

The Gentle Purge

How To Organize Your Clothes

Thus the “Gentle Purge”. I’m learning to be kinder to myself. I knew I needed to get the clothes I wear into the dresser and the clothes that I didn’t wear out, but I gave myself permission for a save pile. Usually the sorting piles are trash, donate, keep, but I added in store for those clothes I hope I can wear again soon. This made the whole process feel way less stressful; a kinder, gentler approach.

Free Sorting Labels

I made some labels which you can download here that you can use if you need to go through this process.
clothes sorting labels

I took all my clothes out of my drawers, and from the piles on my floor and sorted them into these four piles.


how to declutter your clothes

The keep pile were the clothes that I put into my dresser.  These are the clothes that fit, are in good repair, and I’m presently wearing.  My capsule by another name.

I have to say too that there was in fact a fifth pile that was my out-season-keep-clothes (a subset of keep if you will) -these were my summer clothes still in the floor piles from our February vacation, and some sweaters that are finally too heavy to wear.  These got stored on the shelf in my closet ready for warmer or colder weather.


clothes purging
Unfortunately all good things must come to end. I didn’t mind saying goodbye to my old bathing suit that the elastic is gone in, or the holely or single socks. I did feel sad about letting go of some worn out favourites. But it was time. And now that stuff isn’t take up room in my dresser, or life.


how to organize your clothes
Anything that I wasn’t in love with anymore but still had some life in it went in the donate pile. I’ll drop these off at the second hand store this week. I find it best to make those donations right away, so I’m not tempted to change my mind. Sometimes I even get my husband to help with this -especially with decor stuff because after it sits in the pile a few days or weeks I might just feel the need to rescue it.


how to organize and declutter clothes

There were quite a few pieces that I loved but didn’t fit. I was determined to get them out of my dresser drawers where they can sometimes make me feel a little sad and like I have nothing to actually wear. Not wanting to make myself get rid of them,  I  put them into some storage bins to save in the bottom of my closet where there was some room for them. I have to say that seeing them all is some good motivation. And I’m glad that I have some space in my house to store them until I’m ready to use them or pass them on. I did a little work in my closet too, and some of my previous saves I was now ready to let go of.

For some of us getting rid of things can be a challenge so I highly recommend a save pile. And I highly recommend revisiting the save pile in a year and seeing if it’s easier to let some of those things go. For me it usually is and if you have the space this is a great method to make it a little more “gentle” on yourself.

One Room Challenge Progress

Believe it or not this purge and decluttering my clothes was one of the hardest jobs on my list for the One Room Challenge. I think I prefer to paint, or build, or even clean. I know I prefer to shop or style. So, the good news is one major job is done.

I’ve also done lots of planning, and on-line shopping this week. Next week I hope to get the room painted, and keep going with the shopping. I also have some great DIY projects in the works.  Here’s a reminder of where we’re headed with this One Room Challenge -check out

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 Be sure to follow along on Instagram and watch my stories for lots of updates, and sneak peeks.  You can also check out my Pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration for this room.

boho master bedroom mood board

With a little Gentle Purging and decluttering my clothes life really is a party!

Now be sure to check out everyone else’s progress over at the One Room Challenge website.

I really could not have brought this room together without some amazing sponsors. A special thanks to

Home Depot, Wayfair, HomeSense, Afloral, Amara, Para, Minted, Bobbie Made, Benjamin Wood Works, and Auto Artwork Shop.  All opinions are my own, as always.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.

Modern Boho Bedroom: Black and white, woven wall hangings, a modern gallery wall, lots of plants, boho string lights, and tons of textured pillows give this room its European Modern Bohemian vibe.
Want to see how it all came together now that it’s finished? You can check out all the One Room Challenge weekly updates here:

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  1. I bet it feels good to have purged all those clothing items that you no longer need. Yep, it’s hard work but totally worth it in the end. I love your mood board so can’t wait to see how this master bedroom unfolds! Good luck!

  2. Nice idea. Love the tags. Decluttering is so therapeutic and helpful in a reno. 🙂 ~~Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. I am right there with you, I struggle with my weight too, which causes me to keep clothes that I hope to get into, or the just in case it comes back pile. I recently have give up on keeping those things, I figure either way it will probably be out of style by the time I get there. LOL

  4. Goodness those are the sweetest little signs!! And I hear you – I have a closet full of dresses (I’m a dress girl) that don’t fit post child but I’m hesitate to get rid of them…sigh… High-five on your progress! Purging is definitely a major job…

  5. I always get so overwhelmed when I decide to purge, but I have to say that when I read Marie Kondo’s book last fall and it made SUCH a difference. Sure, some parts are hokey, but I’m still folding all my clothes in the way she suggested – so much easier to see what I’ve got.

    Part of me wishes I was doing a bedroom or something this ORC – so much pretty to source and buy!

  6. Lidia, thanks for the encouragement. And may we always have enough room for the things we just can’t bear to part with yet. 😉

  7. Thanks Michelle, I think that book should be on my list to read, your the third person to mention it to me. Glad it’s helped, and it does feel so much better to get things organized.

  8. Good for you! I am really awful at purging, but when I rebuilt my closet I made a good start. There are still clothes I can’t fit in and should get rid of, but you know they are good things…..

  9. Kudos to you for getting through that! It’s hard to let go, especially if you think you might be able to wear it again someday. I have been guilty of that and finally told myself enough and did a ruthless (not gentle) purge of my closet and dresser. Needless to say, I didn’t have much left, lol!! Looking forward to seeing your progress next week!!

  10. We just cleaned out (and hosed out) our garage this past weekend. Well, it was mostly my husband. No gentle purging there. I told him to call me out when he was ready to throw stuff and I dumped sooooo much into the trash or a Craigslist free pile. Felt so good.

  11. I have clothes for All-the-sizes. Funny how a 15-20 pound weight change can include so many sizes. 😉 I really need to do this in my bedroom.

  12. Meghan, thanks so much. It’s always so fun when all the plans actually begin to materialize.

  13. Emy, I’m so with you on that one. Perhaps a gentle purge? Baby steps is what I always say. 😉

  14. Jessica, isn’t it the job that’s never done? Finish one area and it’s on to the next for sure. Spring should help put us in the mood. 😉

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