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Marbled Hearts

Nail Polish Marble Hearts Valentine’s Day Craft: use nail polish to water marble wooden hearts for Valentine’s Day in any colour combination you like!

Nail Polish Marble Hearts Valentine's Day Craft: use nail polish to water marble wooden hearts for Valentine's Day in any colour combination you like!

These nail polish marble hearts are the perfect touch for Valentine’s Day.  They’re so fun to make, that once you start you’re going to want to marble everything -at least I did!

I was inspired by the water marbled pumpkins I saw this fall and wanted to do a version with pink and white for Valentine’s Day.

Marbled Hearts Valentine's Day CraftAt first I thought that styrofoam 3D craft hearts would be perfect, but after a little research I discovered that styrofoam and nail polish don’t mix.  So I found some simple wooden hearts at the craft store and they were perfect!

For this water marble technique, you float some nail polish on the surface of some water and dip the object in to paint it.  It really is addictive!

Nail Polish Marble Materials:

  • wooden craft hearts
  • nail polish
  • a small disposable container to hold the water
  • drill
  • twine

nail polish marble heartsHow to Water Marble:

Start by finding a disposable container large enough to freely dip the hearts.  Fill it with luke warm water.

how to nail polish marble with waterDrop spots of nail polish onto the surface of the water.  We used white, light pink, and a little hot pink.

how to water marble with nail polishTake care to use a nail polish that IS NOT quick dry, since it will dry too quickly and not work well.  There was a little trial and error for us.  Our first attempt didn’t work very well.  I think we took too long working with our nail polish at first and it began to dry and got all clumped up.  Be sure to work as quickly as you can for the best results.

nail polish water marblingOnce you have your nail polish on the surface of the water, use a tooth pick to swirl it around and create your marble pattern.

nail polish marble heartsDip your hearts carefully into the paint and through it.

how to nail polish marbleThe nail polish that was floating on the surface of the water will transfer to the wooden heart.

nail polish and water marblingLet the nail polish fully dry.  Drill a small hole in the top of each heart, and then string the hearts onto twine and tie each one to create a garland.

how to create a marble effect with nail polish and waterI really loved doing this craft -see me in action and catch my enthusiasm over on my Instagram stories in the highlights.

pink nail polish marbleThese little hearts are the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day decor.  You could make them in any colours to match your decor.  Next I might try some black and white ones.

Marbled Hearts Valentine's Day Craft


I used my marbled heart garland on my Galentine’s Day Bar Cart -read more about it here.

diy Valentine's Day CraftWith Nail Polish Marble Hearts for Valentine’s Day, life really is a party!

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