DIY Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas: wood embroidery hoops, brass rings and birch, decorated with pink pom poms, tassels, greens, and velvet hearts.
Valentine's Day Wreath Ideas: wood embroidery hoops, brass rings and birch, decorated with pink pom poms, tassels, greens, and velvet hearts.

Today I’m sharing some DIY Valentine’s Wreath ideas.  These DIY wreaths are really easy to put together, and they’d be perfect for spring too, or in a little girls nursery, or as the backdrop of a dessert table at a wedding or shower.  Pretty much anywhere. ;). It’s so fun to add some Valentine’s day decor to your home for celebrating the season of love.  And in February when everything outside where I live still feels a bit cold, drap, and grey adding some pink or red colors is on of the easiest ways to add a little bit of cheer.

Valentine Wreath Ideas

I wanted to add a grouping of creative wreaths to my wall for Valentine’s day.  We actually had a Christmas version of these up on this wall before and I loved them so much, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day version of them.  It was such a great idea to change them up a little with some Valentines day touches.  These are such fun Valentine’s day crafts to make.

Valentine's Day Wreath IdeasI love this grouping with 5 different beautiful wreaths all together.  Each wreath is a little different, but they’re all super easy to put together.  This is a great way to decorate a large wall, where one small wreath would be too small for the smale.  We’ve grouped ours together for more impact.  We repeated some of the materials and the colours so that although they’re all different, they all go together nicely.  Here’s how I made them.

Yarn Valentine’s Day Wreath

how to make a yarn wreath

For this first Valentines day wreath I started out with a plain gold ring wire wreath form.  Look for these at your local craft store, dollar store, Hobby Lobby, or Dollar Tree.  I also picked up some different colours of pink yarn for this whole project at the thrift store, a great inexpensive source if you want some different shades, and kinds.  Or you might already have a stash of yarn in your craft room that you can use for this craft project.  It’s the perfect way to use up some old leftover yarn.

yarn and gold hoop wreath

For this simple wreath, I cut the yarn pieces to about 1 1/2 ft long each, and each section has about 5 pieces of yarn each.  You can adjust the number based on the thickness of your yarn.  Then tie the yarn pieces onto the gold ring wire form using the larks head knot.  I tied 15 larks head knots for my wreath frame, but you can adjust according to the size of your ring and thickness of your yarn, to get the look you like.  I also included 1 section of white yarn for a little contrast.

This DIY Valentine wreath is so simple to make.  We made ours a pink wreath, but you could use different colors or shades of yarn for a different look.  It’s such a fun Valentine’s day decor idea, and so easy to put together.  This pretty wreath would so much fun to make with kids too, because it’s so simple.

Valentine's Day Wreath ideas

Embroidery Hoop Valentine’s Day Wreaths

I made two wreaths using wood embroidery hoops.  I bought two different sizes from the thrift store.  I also picked up a little bit of faux greenery.

Valentine's Day WreathI used some floral wire to attach the greens to the wreaths.  Use some wire cutters to cut your wire, and twist it securing it at the back of the wreath.  You could use a hot glue gun to attach the greens instead, but the beauty of using wire is that it’s completely removable.  I think the wire is a better way to attach things because you can then so easily change your wreath for any season like I did with the these changing them from Christmas wreaths to Valentine’s day.  It’s a great way to upcycle your Christmas decorations.

how to make a hoop wreathFor these wreaths I also added some different chunky yarn pom poms and tassels.  I like the boho feel of a pom-pom wreath, and the pom poms were also less expensive than using lots of faux flowers. To attach them I just tied them on at the back.

how to make a hoop wreath

I made each adorable wreath a little different, but they all tie together with the greens and the yarn additions.

gold hoop wreath

Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentine's Day embroidery hoop Wreath

Velvet Hearts Valentine’s Day Wreath

I also sewed a couple of little velvet hearts to add to a few wreaths.

Valentine's Day wood embroidery hoop wreath

These were so simple to make.  My sewing machine is broken sadly, so I just sewed them by hand.  They really only took  about 10 minutes each.

I started out with an old pink velvet jacket, but you could also just buy a small piece of velvet at the fabric store.  The first step is, using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut out two matching small hearts out of my piece of fabric.  If you’re not great at hearts, make yourself a little pattern to follow out of construction paper or a small piece of cardboard.  Then, making sure the velvet sides of the fabric pieces are facing in, and sew them together.  Leave an opening at the side of the heart so you can stuff them.

how to make a velvet heart

Next, turn your heart right side out and stuff it.  Lastly, sew the hole closed and your little velvet heart is finished.

To attach it to the wreath I just stitched the center of the heart on at the back.  Don’t worry if your heart isn’t perfect, it won’t be too noticeable once it’s added to the wreath with everything else.  This is one of those great DIY projects to do while watching TV at night.  These little hearts turned out so cute.  They’d also make a great addition to your home decor as Valentine’s Day decorations.  We added one with some greenery and a tassel, but a piece of ribbon would be a great option too and add a touch of romance.

Birch Branch Wreath

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

My favorite cute wreath out of all the Valentine’s day wreaths on the wall is this fun birch one. You can see how I made a Christmas version last year here.  It’s a simple birch branch tied with some twine on each end.  Then I layered on top of the twine the beautiful yarn, so the weight of the branch won’t stretch the yarn out of shape.  

The faux greens and silk flowers are attached with a little florists wire, and make this a romantic wreath.  Then I adding a pom pom, one of my velvet hearts, and a couple of tassels.  One of the tassels has a few wooden beads added in also.  I think I might make another version of this wreath for my front door, once the snow melts away.

Valentine's Day Wreath ideas

These Valentine’s Day wreath ideas were really inexpensive to put together, and really a fun little DIY.  I love that you can get really creative and make them all a little different, and they look so good together.  The key to tying them all together to repeat some elements with each one.  It’s such an easy way to make your own cute wreaths.  I hope these DIY heart wreath ideas inspire you to get creative for Valentines day.

More Wreath Ideas

A heart-shaped wreath would be a great addition to this grouping too.  Look for a heart-shaped grapevine wreath at the craft store and decor it with any other the elements that we’ve used on the other wreaths like faux greens, silk flowers, pom poms, pink ribbon or red ribbon and wood hearts or velvet hearts would all be a great choice for this Valentine wreath DIY.

With DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas, life really is a party!

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