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Mini Hearts in a Bottle Miniature Terrarium

Mini Hearts in a Bottle Miniature Terrarium: Tiny felt heart flowers inside a glass jar create a magical terrarium garden.
Mini Hearts in a Bottle Miniature Terrarium: Tiny felt heart flowers inside a glass jar create a magical terrarium garden.

Our little mini hearts in a bottle miniature terrarium is so sweet, and really easy to make for someone special this Valentine’s Day.

Mini Hearts in a Bottle

I was inspired by the mini glass bottles with the sweet little cork tops.  I thought it would be cute to make a miniature heart flower that was like it was growing inside.

miniature terrarium craft

These little bottle gardens remind me of teeny, tiny terrariums.  You can get a sense of the scale and how small they really are by the thimble.  The thimble was too big to fit inside the glass bottles, so I made a cute little stand alone one with the thimble as a tiny flower pot.

how to make a miniature terrarium

Here’s how to make your own:

Miniature Terrarium Materials:

  • mini glass bottles
  • moss
  • air dry clay
  • white glue
  • felt
  • stuffing
  • thread
  • glue
  • wire
  • green embroidery thread

mini terrarium craft


1.  To make the heart flower, start by cutting out two matching hearts (a front and a back) , small enough to fit through the mouth of the glass bottle.  Sew them together with coordinating thread, using a blanket stitch.  Before sewing all the way around the heart, add in a little stuffing.  Finishing sewing it all the way around.

2.  To make the stem, cut a small piece of wire.  Using green felt, cut out a very tiny leaf or two, with a narrow stem piece.  Tie on some green embroidery thread to the top of the wire, and wrap it around the wire tightly.   Part way down, wrap in the stem of the felt leaf.  At the end of the stem, finish by tying the thread off, and using a little white glue to secure it.

3.  To assemble the heart flower, use a tiny piece of air dry clay as a base, and insert the stem into it, so it’s able to stand up on its own.  Glue the heart onto the top of the stem to create the flower, pushing the wire up into the felt heart.  Allow the clay and glue to dry.

4.  To assemble the jar, put a tiny amount of glue in the bottom of the jar with a toothpick.  Glue the flower in place in the jar, using tweezers to position it.  Cut the moss into tiny little pieces and add to the bottle.  Use a toothpick and tweezers to push it down and compact it at the bottle of the flower.  Optional:  Add a little handmade tag that says “love grows here”.

5.  To create the thimble flower, make the flower in the same way, with the clay pushed into the thimble and topped with moss.

Mini Hearts in a Bottle

Mini Hearts in a Bottle Grouping

Make a few for a pretty little grouping, with different shades of pink felt hearts.  Use little birch tree rounds to create different heights in your display, and different sized bottles.

felt heart craft

I love how these turned out and they were really simple to put together.

Mini Hearts in a Bottle

They remind of fairies.  Any little fairy fans on your Valentine’s Day list?  These would be perfect.  I know my little girls love them.

Mini Hearts in a Bottle terrarium

With A Mini Heart in a  Bottle Miniature Terrarium, life really is a party!

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