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Ombre Pumpkin Tower

Ombre Pumpkin Tower: beautiful and easy ombre pumpkin tower, with pretty leaf layers in-between, and gorgeous front porch decor.
Ombre Pumpkin Tower: beautiful and easy ombre pumpkin tower, with pretty leaf layers in-between, and gorgeous front porch decor.

On the weekend I helped out with a little fall front door decorating and I’m excited to share the details of how to make a pumpkin tower with you today.  


  • urn planter
  • large orange pumpkin
  • medium light orange/pink pumpkin
  • small white pumpkin
  • glycerine treated fall leaves
  • wooden skewers

I started out with the idea of doing a pumpkin tower in a garden urn. I found the urn at Lowe’s, in the garden section. It was kind of a happy accident to come up with the ombre effect with the pumpkins, and I love how it came out.

how to make a pumpkin tower

How To Make A Pumpkin Tower

1. We started with a standard big orange jack-o-lantern pumpkin on the bottom of our urn.

To stack the pumpkins, make sure the stem isn’t sticking up and use simple wooden skewers to help hold the second and third pumpkins on top.

I didn’t want to use too large of a stake or dowel in the middle because we used real pumpkins, it’s unseasonable warm here right now, and I was afraid they might start to rot and go bad too quickly.

how to stack pumpkins

On top of the large orange pumpkin I stacked on the “pink” pumpkin -it’s a pink rose variety, and I found it at the grocery store.

Finally we used a smaller white pumpkin on top.

I love the ombre effect from dark orange, lighter orange, to white that it creates.

We used some glycerine treated fall leaves for the next step, they have nice vibrant colours and stay soft and flexible. I just tucked them in between each layer.  You could also use some pressed leaves.

fall front door

For the rest of the doorstop, we also added some other pumpkins and some pretty fall mums.

fall white mums

fall wreath

On Heather’s door I made a simple wreath. I started out with a cardboard letter from the craft store, for their last name. It’s covered in the same glycerine treated leaves. I glue gunned them in place, wrapping them around the edges, and then coated the letter in modgepodge to seal it. We used a simple grapevine wreath,and added the monogram with some simple ribbon. Sometimes less is more.

Ombre Pumpkin Tower

I love how the doorway all worked together. It was fun to work with traditional colours like orange, and then add in some white, and the ombre effect to keep it really fresh. (See my all white fall planter here, white fall doormat here and white fall wreath here, or my lime green and white scheme from this year here.)

Ombre Pumpkin Tower

With an ombre pumpkin tower, life really is a party!

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