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Pink Halloween Party

Pink Halloween Party: thrift store decorations spray painted pink, pink Halloween food and snacks, costumes, and a craft.

Pink Halloween Party: thrift store decorations spray painted pink, pink Halloween food and snacks, costumes, and a craft.

Halloween just turned pink!  I’m so excited to share my pink Halloween party with you.  It was so much fun to put together and could not be cuter.  I partnered with The Care and Share MCC Thrift Shop to put together this fun celebration.  We used so many great thrift store finds and gave some a fun pink makeover.

pink Halloween costumes

This year things are going to look a little different than the usual trick or treating.  Perhaps this just might be the year of small Halloween get togethers with close friends.  We wanted to inspire you with this sweet get together as a great alternative to trick or treating.  

pink Halloween party

I set up the pink Halloween party with three different centres for guests to enjoy.  This set is perfect for young guests to enjoy, and go back and forth to whatever they’d like.

Dress Up Centre

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some costumes to dress up in.  We found so many great options at The Care and Share MCC Thrift Shop. There were big costumes and little costumes for every age group, for boys and girls.  I thought that it would be fun to have some options, including a fun basket full of great accessories for princesses, knights, or puppies.

Halloween costumes

These costumes aren’t just for Halloween.  After the festivities add these to the kids’ dress up box, and enjoy them for years to come.  Make believe is such a favourite.

Halloween dress up

We added some fun bats to our dress up centre.  These are cut out of black scrap book paper on my cricut.  You can use my pattern in Cricut Design Space here.  Once they were cut, I used simple tape on the back to attach them to the wall and they look so fun and festive.

pink Halloween party

Pink Halloween Food and Snacks

The pink Halloween food is my favourite centre.  It was so much fun coming up with delicious and adorable snacks to enjoy at the party.

pink Halloween food snacks

pink Halloween party


I used some thrifted glass bottles for our strawberry milk.  To make them extra Halloween-y I added some fun little bats.  

Halloween party drink

I used my Cricut to cut out some small vinyl bats to stick on the glass.  They were so simple to make and they’re so perfect for this party.  Find my Cricut cut file here to make your own.  I added some fun black and pink striped straws for the perfect festive pink Halloween drinks.

pink Halloween food

Peanut Butter Bats

These little bat treats were so easy to put together.  I used peanut butter cups as the base.  Next, take a regular Oreo, and remove the filling.  Cut the Oreo in half to make the bat wings.  Attach the wings with a little icing, and use more icing to attach some candy eyes.

peanut butter cup bats

Mini Pumpkin Treats Containers

I used these cute little plastic mini pumpkins to hold some chocolate covered almonds.  The mini pumpkins are from the thrift store and I gave them a makeover for our dessert table.  

Halloween party food

I spray painted some light pink, and some a dusty rose.  To make sure they were food safe, I lined the spray painted pumpkins with some parchment paper and filled with one of our favourite treats, chocolate covered almonds.


Halloween party food ideas

Caramel Corn with Pink Spider Webs

I made some homemade caramel corn for our party.  It’s a favourite at our house.  I think especially with this year being a bit different for most of us with social distancing, it will be really fun to use some nostalgic homemade Halloween treats.  Find our homemade caramel corn recipe here, or pick up some premade.  

Halloween snacks

I served it in cute paper striped cups, and added a pink cotton candy “spider web”, and a little plastic spider (just make sure no one eats the spiders).  Cotton candy doesn’t do well in humidity, so be sure to add it right before serving.  

Halloween caramel corn

Pink Candy Apples

Another nostalgic homemade Halloween classic is candy apples.  We made these ones pink to match our pink Halloween party theme.  I’ll be sharing the full recipe here on Wednesday.  They are decorated with sprinkles and edible glitter, and they couldn’t look more magical.  I also used one plastic spider on each too, so I was sure to warn guests.

pink candy apples

These are traditional candy apples, like the red ones you might find at a carnival or fair.  They’re supper crunchy, and glossy and beautiful.

pink candy apples

Halloween Decorations Makeover

I found lots of fun Halloween decor at The Care and Share Thrift Shop, and gave it a pink makeover.  The pumpkins all started out in various shades of orange.  I used a light pink and a dusty pink spray paint and made them match our theme better.  They turned out so cute.  I also added in a few spiders for fun too.

Halloween party ideas

We found a pumpkin bucket and turned it into a plant holder for the party, after I spray painted it pink.  The other one was a hollow craft pumpkin that the top was cut off of and was perfect as a plant holder too.

pink jack-o-lantern

pink pumpkins

Halloween Art

I also wanted to add some fun Halloween art to the party.  These vintage botanical drawings are available as free downloads and I had them printed as colour engineers prints.  I added a piece of wood to the top and bottom to hang them.  You can read exactly how to hang the engineer prints here.

pink halloween party

Find the spider art free download here.  Also, find the bat art free download here.  And, find the centipede art free download here.

Halloween art work

DIY Halloween art

DIY Halloween art

Spider Wand Making Centre

It’s always fun to have a craft at a party, so I made a little craft table where guests could make their own spider wand.  Be sure to check out the craft section of the thrift store for supplies.  We found so many beautiful colours of yarn there for our craft.

DIY Halloween art

To make the spider wand, start by making a large Pom Pom out of yarn, or use a large pre-made one.  Parents can help with a hot glue gun to add spider legs made from pipe cleaners, a small dowel to make it into a wand, and little crown.  The crowns are made of foam craft, and decorated with different jewels, and sequins.  Little ones will enjoy adding all the sparkles and glitter to mini crowns with craft glue.  Lastly, the kids can choose ribbons to tie around the wand to make them even more magical.

spider wand

spider wand craft

Halloween craft

This pink Halloween party was so much fun!  We had a great time dressing up, crafting, and snacking on all the treats.  I hope it inspires you for some of your Halloween festivities. 

pink Halloween party

kids Halloween party

With a pretty pink Halloween party like this, life is really a party!

This post is sponsored by The Care and Share MCC Thrift Shop. As always, all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make life is a party possible.

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  1. This color scheme and theme is speaking directly to our hearts!! Especially loving the peanut butter bats and the Halloween art!! Thank you for all the beautiful, fun and delicious inspiration for Halloween!

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