Potato Print Geometric Pillows

Potato Print Fabric Pillows: Easy potato print triangle geometric pillows. A fun and inexpensive way to design your own fabric.

Potato Print Fabric Pillows: Easy potato print triangle geometric pillows. A fun and inexpensive way to design your own fabric.

Sometimes when you can’t find exactly what you want the best thing to do is to just make it yourself.  These Potato Print Fabric Pillows were something I’d been thinking of for a while, but hadn’t seen anywhere.  

They were the perfect finishing touch to my Spray Paint Wicker Chairs Makeover -see them here.  The pillows were really inexpensive to make, since I had the fabric, paint, and pillow inserts.  The only things I had to pick up were a few potatoes, lol.

how to potato print

Potato Print Supplies:

  • Potatoes
  • Craft Paint
  • Drop Cloth Fabric
  • Pillow Inserts
  • Sewing Machine
diy potato print fabric

How To Potato Print Fabric:

To begin with, cut your fabric to fit your pillow insert, adding a little for seam allowance.  I used simple, inexpensive drop cloth fabric.  It has a really great texture and colour -a little like linen, and of course, its price.  I had some scraps left over from other projects.

Potato print fabric

Next, cut out your stamps. I used a little paper pattern to make sure my triangles were all the same size.   It was easiest to cut one potato stamp for each colour of paint I used.  I used white, grey, aqua, lime green, and pink for mine.  You could use any colours you like.  I used regular craft paint.  You could also use fabric paint, or there is an additive for craft paint that you can buy and add to any craft paint to turn it into fabric paint.

potato print

Then, it’s time to get stamping.  I laid my fabric out on newspaper, and worked away in a random pattern.  I also left some spaces blank.  You can use a small paint brush to take off any excess paint from the edges of the potato.

Potato Print fabric Pillows

It doesn’t need to be perfect.  Random is good, Handmade looking is good.  I tried to keep things as straight as I could, but it’s not all lined up perfectly.  I kind of like the wonky-ness of it.  If you really wanted it straight, you could use a disappearing ink marker from the fabric store to measure out some straight lines of reference before you began.

how to make potato print fabric

After the fabric was all dry, I cut out the back pieces and sewed them into cushions.  Easy peasy.

I’ve been using them outside, but they’re not weather proof, so I make sure I bring them in at the end of the day.  Inside my house is decorated in fairly neutral colours, so it’s fun to be a bit more bold and colourful outside for summer.

Potato Print fabric Pillows

I love how this quick afternoon project turned out -adding bit of colour and pattern to the our summery space.

With Easy Potato Print Fabric Pillows, life really is a party!

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