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Sequin Easter Eggs

Sequin Easter Eggs: Easy diy sequin Easter eggs made from styrofoam Easter eggs. Make them with any pattern and in any colours, and use year after year.Sequin Easter Eggs: Easy diy sequin Easter eggs made from styrofoam Easter eggs.

Aren’t these sequin Easter eggs beautiful, and they’re super simple to make too.

how to make sequin Easter eggs

My daughter Maddie, who’s in grade two learned to make sequin Christmas ornaments at school this year, and really loved making them.  In fact, we bought the materials and made a few at home too.  One day in the dollar store, I noticed they had styrofoam Easter eggs, and thought she might like to use her skills to make us an Easter version.

DIY Sequin Easter Eggs


  • sequin pins
  • assorted sequins
  • styrofoam Easter eggs

For this project you need sequin pins, assorted sequins, and styrofoam Easter eggs.  I did have a little trouble finding the pins.  My American readers should be able to find them at any craft store, but here in Canada things are sometimes a little trickier to find.  I found some, but when we ran out after using the store’s last package I asked Maddie’s teacher where she bought them for the class.  Mrs. Morgan kindly sent an extra box home with Maddie after school, and we were back in business -so a special shout out to Mrs. Morgan, a very sweet and generous grade two teacher, thank you so much.

Easy DIY Easter Egg craft

How To Make Sequin Easter Eggs

Once you have your materials you simply fasten the sequins to the styrofoam egg using the pin, and creating any pattern you like.  It’s really simple to do, just a little time consuming.

Sequin Easter Eggs

Maddie and I tried a few different patterns on our eggs.  Simple stripes turned out great.

Easter Egg craft idea

Since they are Easter eggs we tried the classic zig-zag too.

Easter Egg ideas

My favourite though, were the random ones -one in purples and one in pinks.

DIY Sequin Easter Eggs

We displayed our Easter eggs in a pretty glass bowl, with some spring tulips.

how to make Sequin Easter Eggs

With pretty, sparkly and handmade Sequin Easter Eggs, life really is a party.

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  1. these are beautiful… but i have a question: did you have trouble with the pins not being able to be pushed throught due to the other pins already in place. i tried this the week before easter on one foam egg and it was pretty difficult. anyway, would luv your take on it.

  2. Hi, Sorry to hear you’re having a little trouble with yours. We used sequins pins, not sure if you did. They are shorter than regular pins, so they work a little better. Also, if you’re having trouble pushing the pins in, you might try wearing a thimble. One last thing, if you used very small sequins, you’d require more, and might have more trouble. We used a medium size of sequins. Hope these tips help. Best of luck,

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