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Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs: how to make easy DIY Easter eggs.  Perfect for your Easter decorating.
Gold Leaf Easter Eggs: how to make easy DIY gold and pastel Easter eggs with gold leaf and craft paint.Perfect for your Easter decorating.

These gold leaf Easter eggs are an easy and fun project.  They’ll look great as part of your Easter decorating this year.  And since they are made with craft eggs, they’re long lasting so you can use them year after year.

how to make gold leaf Easter eggs


  • plastic Easter eggs
  • craft paint
  • gold leaf (I used imitation)
  • gold leaf adhesive

How To Make Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

1. I started out with some craft eggs. They worked really well.  They are very paintable, unlike a normal plastic Easter egg, and I also love that they’re not breakable so I’ll have them for years to come. Just give your eggs a coat or two of paint in any pretty Easter colour.  I went for pastel shades of green, blue, purple, and pink.

pastel and gold Easter eggs

2. After the paint is dry, apply the gold leaf adhesive, and let it set for 15 min., according to the package instructions.

The key to remember is not to entirely coat the egg with the adhesive, so that some of the paint colour still shows through. When the adhesive is set, apply the gold leaf.  

DIY gold leaf Easter eggs

I hung mine on some branches in a pretty milk glass vase. I’m smitten.

Easter egg craft idea

With pretty golden Easter eggs, life really is a party!

how to make a golden egg

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  1. Very pretty and I have some gold leaf left over from the days when I used to decorate goose eggs! Looking forward to seeing your Easter table – I bet it will look stunning – as usual

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