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S’more Kits

Smore Making Kit -use a picnic basket to store everything for s’more making. Add different flavours of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Smore Making Kit -use a picnic basket to store everything for s'more making. Add different flavours of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.I love giving kits as gifts.  This smore making kit is perfect for summer gift giving, or just for your own family to keep everything you need for smore making nice and handy!

Today is the last day of school for my daughter and she’s giving her teacher this smore making kit as a little end-of-year gift.  I think it would be perfect for any gift giving this summer.  Like how about as the ideal hostess gift for someone that’s invited you to their cottage this summer?

summer smore making kit

Last year for end-of-the-year teacher gifts my girls gave their teachers Ice Cream Sundae Kits.  You can read all about them here and see what we included.

ice cream sundae making kitThis year when I saw Brooke from Nesting with Grace share her sweet S’more Kits in a vintage picnic basket on her Instagram Stories, I thought it was the such a great idea for gift giving.  So here’s my spin on her amazing idea.

Smore Making Kit Baskets

thrift store and vintage picnic baskets

Start with a basket.  A vintage picnic basket picked up a thrift store is perfect for this project.  We had a few to choose from, my daughter liked the open on for her teacher.  I love the idea of everything being all contained in the basket for gift giving, but also for actually using and storing it afterwards too.  I think one with a lid is great for that part.

Once you have the basket it’s time to fill it with all the s’more essentials -marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate!


different kinds of marshmallows

We started out with the marshmallows.  I had this project in mind when I was cross border shopping so I picked up some fun flavoured marshmallows at Target.  For my fellow Canadians, I saw some cool flavours at my Asian market too.  These square flat regular ones are perfect for s’more making.

Graham Crackers

different kinds of graham crackers

Next you need the traditional graham crackers.  I found Vanilla, Chocolate, and regular also in the USA.  If you can’t find the different flavours in Canada though, how about including some different kinds of cookies?  Chocolate digestive, chocolate chip, shortbread, oatmeal?  The possibilities are endless and they would all be so, so delicious!


different kinds of chocolate for smores

For the chocolate we picked up some milk chocolate Hersheys, and also some almond Hershey’s.  Just for fun we also included some peanut butter cups, and some individual containers of Nutella.  My girls thought these would be perfect for s’mores.  You might also consider some mint chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies and cream chocolate bars, or caramel filled chocolate bars.  Again the different options are endless, and every one of them sounds amazing to me.

A Few More Things

I picked up some great marshmallow roasting forks in the dollar spot at Target.  You could also find them at the dollar store and they’re a great addition.

Smore marshmallow forks

Brooke from Nesting With Grace also included some wet wipes in her kits for sticky fingers  -I forgot to pick these up but they would be a really great addition too.

Free Smore Making Kit Printable Labels

We made a few fun labels for some of our items.  You could also include some mason jars and use the labels on them.  This is a great way to store everything in your basket once everything is open.

smore kit free printablessmore kit free printablessmore making kit free printables

Isn’t this idea great?  So fun, simple, and perfect for gift giving.  I hope you like my little spin on it with the free printable card and labels.  My daughter drew the sweet little images.   You can download them by clicking here, and print them out for gift giving.

make your own smores kitWith a S’more Kit for gift giving this summer, life really is a party!

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