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Teacup Candles

Teacup Candles: upcycle your old vintage teacups by turning them into candles. Use our tricks to save money using dollarstore candles, and crayons.
candles made from vintage teacups

I’ve been wanting to make some Teacup Candles for a while now, and thought Mother’s Day was the perfect occasion.  They would be really sweet for just about any occasion though.  old teacups turned into candles

Teacup Candle Materials:

  • vintage teacups
  • dollarstore candles or wax and wicks
  • pink crayons
  • old tin can

I started out with some thrift store teacups (5$ each, on half price day) and candles from the dollar store($1.25 for five).

vintage teacups from the thrift store

I found that the cheapest way to make these was to just melt down some inexpensive candles from the dollar store, and use the wick from them for my new candles.  You could also buy wax and wicks separately though too.

How To Make Teacup Candles

1. Melt Your Wax

I used an old tin can to hold my wax, and made a double boiler, by putting it in a pan of boiling water.  You can also use a regular double boiler, but this way clean up is much easier.

I melted my dollar store candles, but you could also use plain wax.  I had some old beeswax sheets so I threw them in as well, which gave the wax a beautiful smell.

2. Add Colour With Old Crayons

The beeswax I added was kind of yellowish, so I decided to throw in a couple pink crayons to colour the wax.  This was an old Girl Guide trick that came in handy. 😉  Use crayons in any colour to colour your wax, or leave it white.

melting wax in a tin can double boiler

3. Ready To Pour

After the wax was all melted, I fished out the wicks and secured them in the teacups with popsicle sticks. Then, just pour the wax in, slowly.

making candles in old teacups

Once they harden, trim the wicks and you’re in business!

teacup candles burning

how to make a teacup candle

With sweet little teacup candles like this, life is a party! Happy Mother’s Day.

teacup candle and flowers

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