The Perfect Club Sandwich

How To Make A Club Sandwich: The perfect cluw with roasted turkey, baked ham, homemade mayo, and bacon….worth the effort!

How To Make A Club Sandwich: The perfect cluw with roasted turkey, baked ham, homemade mayo, and bacon....worth the effort!

This sandwich is what dreams are made.  If you’ve every wondered how to make a club sandwich, look no further!

I have long been a fan of the club sandwich. It’s a lunchtime restaurant go-to for me. I’ve had them in many different places, and never really met one I didn’t like. It’s kind of an old faithful. Some are better than others though, and I have to say that this one ranks up there among the best.

how to make a club sandwich

Like so many things in life, this sandwich is really pretty simple, but it is made great by using great ingredients. The occasion for making this great club sandwich at home, was the perfect storm of Thanksgiving leftovers.  We had some delicious roasted turkey leftovers and slow roasted ham leftovers also. Usually we just have turkey at Thanksgiving. We love turkey on my side of the family, like have one for Christmas and another a week later for New Years, kind of love.

Leftovers Never Looked So Good

We’re not traditionally ham people. But this year my Mom bought the turkey before she finished inviting people to dinner, and we feared we needed more meat. I was elected to bring a ham. I actually did it in the crock pot.  Our car has a power outlet, so I started it around noon, and when we headed up to my mom’s later in the afternoon, I just plugged the crock pot in in the car and it kept on cooking as we drove up. Great solution to the only one oven problem (you might want to remember this for Christmas) 😉

The Perfect Club Sandwich

Leftover turkey and ham, are the perfect reason to make a club sandwich at home. And since it seemed ordained we took it all the way, by making homemade garlic mayonnaise….I know. And, it was kind of amazing.

Homemade Mayonnaise

I found a great recipe and tutorial on-line at The Wishful Chef . She makes it with an immersion blender. Every fearful thought that entered your mind when I even mentioned home made mayonnaise, let it leave now. It is super, super easy with the immersion blender.

I followed all her tips, like room temp ingredients and moving the blender up very slowly, after the bottom is fully emulsified. I had never attempted homemade mayonnaise before, but this first attempt was a winner. And if you prefer Miracle Whip -I know, I know, it’s salad dressing, people have very strong opinions on the subject, but I just really like the “tangy zip” please don’t judge me, just add a splash of vinegar and honey to the finished garlic mayonnaise.

homemade mayonnaise

The Perfect Club Sandwich

How To Make A Club Sandwich: The perfect cluw with roasted turkey, baked ham, homemade mayo, and bacon....worth the effort!


  • 3 slices white bread
  • roasted turkey slices
  • roasted ham
  • lettuce
  • tomato slices
  • bacon
  • homemade garlic mayonnaise (recipe at The Wishful Chef)


  1. Toast bread, and spread each slice with mayonnaise.
  2. On the first slice of bread layer ham, lettuce, and tomato. On another slice layer turkey, and bacon, and then stack the two layers together, with the third slice as the lid.
  3. Secure with toothpicks, and slice into triangles. Enjoy!
how to make a perfect club sandwich

With The Perfect Club Sandwich, life really is a party!

club sandwich made from leftovers

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  1. I just realized that I could totally make this right now…I have left over turkey my mother in lase packed for us from last week . I hope still ok to eat…Thanks D…xo

  2. Delicious!! I am a sandwich girl through and through. That is my fav comfort food is a good grilled cheese sandwich so I am all about this. Looks amazingly good.

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