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Twine Pumpkins

Twine Pumpkins: tutorial on how to ordinary kitchen string, twine, and balloons to craft these beautiful decorative pumpkins for fall.
Twine Pumpkins: tutorial on how to ordinary kitchen string, twine, and balloons to craft these beautiful decorative pumpkins for fall.

This fall, I’m loving the look of burlap, white pumpkins, and all things neutral. These twine pumpkins are the perfect addition to my table with battery operated tea lights.  

how to make a twine pumpkin


  • cotton string, jute, and twine
  • balloons
  • white glue
  • tree branch
  • hot glue

How To Make Twine Pumpkins

I blew up several small balloons, all in slightly different sizes.

Next, I dipped the strings in white glue, and got my hands dirty wrapping the balloons.

string pumpkins

After the string was dry, I popped the balloons, and made sure there was a big enough space in the bottom to insert a battery operated candle.

Then, I went for a little walk to the forest, and found a stick large enough to resemble a pumpkin stem. I cut the stick to length, and glued it to the top of the string ball with a little hot glue.

sting pumpkin craft idea

I grouped the five little pumpkins on a cream coloured runner on my kitchen table. They look great flickering away in the evening.

how to make a string pumpkin

This was a fun, and simple project, and I got lots of compliments on them at Thanksgiving. 😉

With twine pumpkins, life really is a party!

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  1. Your twine pumpkins turned out terrific! Fun but messy huh? lol I’m so glad you tried them. They look fabulous grouped together.
    Great job!

  2. Very nice. I have seen this idea done in pastel crocheting thread with
    pastel crochet thread and Easter themes inside.

  3. I made one pumkin but there is alot of glue residue on the string. How do you avoid this? It also tends to collapse a little.

  4. Hi Michele,
    The string will be completely covered in glue. The glue will be what gives the twine it’s strength to not collapse. I used regular white glue, and it dries quite clear. Perhaps you didn’t use the right glue? Not sure why it won’t have worked well for you. Perhaps try again with regular white glue, if that’s not what you used the first time.
    Best of luck,

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