At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas: a cozy night in with a casual coffee table setting and heart shaped burgers, fresh cut fries and milkshakes.

at home Valentine's Day ideas

This Valentine’s Day we’ll be celebrating at home.  We’re keeping things casual, with burgers and fries, but we’re making it special with a pretty table and decor.  I’m excited to share these at home Valentine’s Day ideas to inspire your celebrations.

casual Valentine's Day at home

At Home Valentine’s Day

I thought it would be fun to set things up in the living room at the coffee table for a casual Valentine’s Day this year.  Since we’re all at home and in our comfy clothes, a coffee table picnic of burgers and fries seemed perfect for this year.  I normally love a fancy dinner out, but I must say this dinner at home on the couch seems like a pretty wonderful idea.

Valentine's Day table

A Coffee Table Picnic

I cozied up the couch with lots of blankets and pillows for cuddling -perhaps for an after dinner fire or a movie.  Instead of setting the table in the dining room, I used the coffee table.  A picnic blanket in the living room would be fun too.

DIY X and O's table runner

I started out with a paper runner on the table.  I used children’s art paper, sold on the roll.  Brown Kraft pepper would work well too.  The X’s and O’s are painted on free hand.  I used black paint, but pink or red would be pretty too.

casual Valentine's Day table

On top of that I made a simple centrepiece with some pink spray roses in little vintage glass bottles.    We also used some thrifted brass candle sticks and candles perfect for Valentine’s Day.  This is perfect for dinner for two, but you could also do something really similar for a family picnic in the living room.  Just swap out the candles for battery powered twinkle lights, if there are little ones at the table, or for a picnic blanket.

simple Valentine's Day table

Heart Shaped Burgers and Fries

When I was chatting with my husband about the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner he suggest homemade hamburgers and fries, and I thought it would be perfect for a night in.  We made them extra special for Valentine’s Day my turning them into heart shaped burgers.

heart shaped burgers

Homemade Heart Shaped Hamburger Bun Recipe

Get the recipe for the homemade heart shaped hamburger buns here. It’s an easy recipe I made in my bread maker.  If you didn’t want to make homemade burger buns, you could easily cut regular buns into hearts.

at home Valentine's Day ideas

I also made some homemade hamburgers, and formed them into hearts as well.  Remember to make them about the same size or even slightly larger than the buns, since the beef will shrink slightly as it cooks.

heart shaped burgers

We made some homemade fries as well, and fried them in the deep fryer.  You could substitute frozen fries for a simpler version, but there is nothing like fresh cut fries.


The perfect accompaniment to our burgers and fries was vanilla milk shakes.  These were delicious, easy to make at home in a blender, and felt like a real treat.  We served them in pink glasses with adorable heart shaped straws.

at home Valentine's Day dinner ideas

A fancy night out, all dressed up, with three courses and sparkling wine are always a pleasure, but a cozy night in on the sofa with this delicious menu and someone special sounds pretty perfect too, maybe even better. 😉

at home Valentine's Day

With these at home Valentine’s Day ideas to enjoy, life really is a party!

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