Easter Finger Foods Brunch

Easter Finger Foods Brunch: the perfect, no fuss Easter brunch menu with breakfast finger foods and Easter table decor ideas.
Easter Finger Foods Brunch: the perfect, no fuss Easter brunch menu with breakfast finger foods and Easter table decor ideas.

Breakfast Finger Foods make the perfect Easter Brunch.  It’s such a good idea for excited kids who just want to eat chocolate but this way can have a little of what they like,  and grown-ups who have an excuse to try everything and come back for more of what they love.  It’s perfect for your family gatherings.  Today I’m excited to share this Easter Finger Foods Brunch full of bite-sized snack food that are perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Easter breakfast finger foods brunch ideas

For this party, I chose a Friday morning and invited over some of my blogging friends for a girl friends brunch.  We had the best time!  It was a morning of making some really great connections, and so much encouragement and celebrating each others success.  This menu is also a great way to celebrate with the whole family.  There’s nothing like a special occasion breakfast.  A finger food beautiful brunch is a great idea for your next party.  It would be great for celebrating Mother’s Day, for a baby shower or bridal shower as well.

Easter brunch tablescape ideas

Easter Brunch Table

Let me share the details of the pretty and easy tablescape with you.  I wanted to keep things a little more casual so I set everything up in the kitchen, rather than the dining room.  It made the get together feel more laid back and put my guests at ease as soon as they arrived.

Easter brunch table centrepiece

The table is a pretty combination of spring pastels.  I started out with the pretty watercolor floral pillows.

Easter brunch table ideas

The pillows set the tone for the rest of the tablescape. I thought it would be fun to use Easter candy as decor in pretty mason jars on the table -and for my guests to nibble on throughout the party.

Easter Finger Foods Brunch table ideas

We used a simple runner on the table and layered on a piece of linen.  I didn’t want the table to be too sweet, so I felt like the more rustic linens, and un-ironed napkins kept it a bit more rustic.

Easter spring table

The primroses are a nice spring touch.  I thought they looked pretty wrapped in some moss and in placed in these lanterns.

Easter table ideas

I also used these pretty vintage little bowls, perfect for our Granola Cereal Buffet.  It’s always fun incorporating some vintage treasures.

Easter pastel spring table

To make things causal and easy I set up the food in a little buffet, so guests could help themselves.

how to host an Easter brunch

Finger Food Brunch Buffet Menu

  • mini quiche
  • sausage rolls
  • hot cross buns
  • butter
  • cheese
  • jam
  • mini cinnamon rolls
  • turnover breakfast pastries
  • chocolate mousse Easter eggs
  • yogurt and granola bar with toppings

I wanted to do breakfast foods, but all finger food size for ease.  These little bites are perfect for enjoying the most important meal of the day.

Easter Finger Foods Brunch with breakfast finger foods

Mini Quiche and Sausage Rolls

Since it was breakfast, sausage and eggs seemed essential.  So, I picked up some frozen mini quiche.  These were perfect for brunch, they’re like little mini breakfast casseroles in a pastry.  They’re perfect for a finger food buffet.  I also and ordered some mini sausage rolls from my local bakery.  They were so good.  I warmed these up to serve them, but they’re also delicious room temperature.

breakfast Finger Foods Brunch

Hot Cross Buns

Since it’s Easter, I also ordered some hot cross buns.  I offered guests butter, jam, and cheese to go with them.  These were delicious and festive with minimal effort.  Another time of year you could serve something like bagels or mini bagels with different toppings instead.  Regular cream cheese, salmon, capers, and cucumbers or sweet cream cheese would be a great thing to offer.

Easter Finger Foods breakfast Brunch

Easter Finger Foods Brunch hot cross buns

Breakfast Sweets and Pastries

For some more sweet treats, I also picked up a some mini cinnamon rolls and made some easy bake at home turnovers.  When I was making the turnovers I cut them in half so they’d be mini size too.  Cutting things down is a great idea to keep everything finger food size and fun way to allow your guests to try lots of different breakfast classics without getting too full.  Buying some things, and getting some ready to bake are an easy way to offer lots of variety without having to cook all day.  Other fun breakfast sweet ideas are mini pancakes or french toast sticks, or mini waffles, or something like muffins, donuts, or danishes.

how to host an Easter Finger Foods Brunch

Chocolate Mousse Easter Eggs

And then, just for fun, I made some of my little Chocolate Mousse Easter Eggs -find the recipe here.  Another time of year, you could put together a small dessert board as another option.

chocolate mousse Easter eggs brunch dessert

They’re really the perfect sweet little treat for Easter, and they looked so festive too.

easter brunch finger foods breakfast

It was great having all these breakfast finger foods off to the side so that guests could help themselves as we chatted away.

make your own granola yogurt parfait buffet breakfast finger foods

Yogurt and Granola Bar

I also set up a fun little granola bar using my bar cart to hold lots of yummy toppings and options to make your own yogurt and granola parfait.

Easter Finger Foods Brunch: the perfect, no fuss Easter brunch menu with breakfast finger foods and Easter table decor ideas.

I made some of my famous homemade granola -find the recipe here.

homemade granola

Along with the granola, there was some different things to add to it to create a parfait.  We had different fruits, greek yogurt, maple syrup, honey, and some special toppings.  The fresh fruit we had was cantaloupe, strawberries, and black berries.  Other berries, bananas, and pineapple would be great to include too, or even a fruit salad.

granola parfait buffet easter brunch

I used some little mason jars to serve some dried fruits like coconut, raisins, dried cranberries, and also chocolate chips.  More great additions I might include include next time would be peanut butter, almond butter, different flavors of yogurt, and dark chocolate chips. 

Parfait Serving Pieces

On the table my guests had some beautiful vintage footed dessert bowls that were perfect for making their own parfait in.  Remember you want quite a small bowl for this, so choose something smaller than a cereal bowl.  Stemless wine glasses would be a great option for this as well.

easter brunch yogurt granola make your own parfait buffet

I think my guests loved the granola bar the most.  It was everyone’s favourite breakfast food option.  Everyone could choose exactly what simple ingredients they wanted and suit their own taste buds.  This idea is perfect for small or large groups, since everyone can help themselves.  Infact, this is the one thing that my guests kept returning to make another parfait with their favorite ingredients, and try new combinations.

Easter tablescape

It truly was so much fun having a blogger meet up, and I think my guests had a good time too since my brunch lasted most of the day.  A sure sign of a good party is lingering guests.  This menu was really easy to put together, since a lot of it was store bought, or make ahead.  Everyone really enjoyed the food and I would recommend this easy menu for your next brunch or breakfast get together.  Finger food size was so easy to put together, and for everyone to enjoy.

With an Easter Finger Food Brunch for a Spring Feast, life really is a party!

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  1. This looks completely amazing it’s so fantastic to be able to get together with some new friends for laughter and encouragement and what a beautiful way to host them with this lovely Easter brunch. Of course I love your vintage treasures… I’m a huge granola fan too off to get that recipe! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful hop too, so much fun! xo

  2. Dannyelle your kitchen is so pretty, and spring-like. I love the way you set everything up.. the cabinet, the table, the bar-cart. Sounds like it was a fabulous party! Thanks so much for hosting our hop, I’ve been super inspired!

  3. You did SUCH an incredible job! All of the thoughtful touches and details, down to the perfect little bowls for granola… It was all amazing, and such a delight to take it all in once again. xo

  4. Ooooh what a pretty spring set-up! I love the little details: the beaded garland, the lovely pillows, and of course – all the yummy food!

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