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Canada Day Party Ideas

Canada Day Party Ideas -Classic Canadiana party decor, and themed red and white party desserts for celebrating.

Canada Day Party -Classic Canadiana party decor, and Canada themed party desserts that are easy to put together make this the perfect way to celebrate!

Canada Day is a fun reason for a party.  And we can’t wait to celebrate with a Canada themed party!  I hope you enjoy all these Canada Day party ideas to inspire your own celebrations.

Canada Day Party ideas

I’m joining with 5 other great Canadian bloggers for our Summer Year of Feasting and this time we’re all sharing Canada day celebrations.  The Year of Feasting is a whole year of celebrations -Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  I find that if I’m not intentional about connecting with friends and family it’s the kind of thing that never happens.  That’s why we’re planning at least one great get together each season this year.  Be sure to check out all the Canada Day Summer Year of Feasting celebrations at the end of the post.

Backyard Set Up

For my Canada Day party I decided to go with a classic Canadiana theme with lots of red and white.  We took our colour scheme from the Canadian flag.

I set up a great dessert table under our pergola for a backyard get together.  I love summer entertaining in the backyard.

Canada themed party

Our Summer Year of Feasting Canada Day party was sponsored by Giant Tiger.  I love their one-stop shopping where I was able to pick up outdoor decor, and groceries for the party.

Canada Day Party ideas

I set up the dessert table at one end of the pergola, and at the other end a little seating area with our Muskoka chairs.  It’s that buggy time of year here, so the mosquito netting was pretty and functional.  It’s a great conversation spot for two.

how to host a Canada themed party

It was so fun to put together a great dessert table with lots of fun Canada themed desserts.  And my party guests loved all the fun Canada desserts to choose from.

Canada Day Centrepieces and Table Decorations

I started out with some pretty centrepieces and flowers for the table.

Canada Day Party decorations

For the flowers, I cut a pretty maple tree branch, used some birch branches in a mason jar, and made a little flower arrangement in a maple syrup can.  What’s more Canadian than a maple leaf?

Canada themed party decorations

I just used some flowers from my yard and an old maple syrup tin.

Canada Day Party Canada themed party decor

I wanted the party to feel rustic and kind of campy so I used a few wood log slices, along with some cute Canadian animal toys.  The old lantern was my Grandma’s, one she used to use for trips the barn at night -the red was perfect for Canada Day!

Canada Day Party -Classic Canadiana party decor, and Canada themed party desserts that are easy to put together make this the perfect way to celebrate!

Another fun vintage piece I used was this old provincial flower tray.  I found it at a thrift store and knew it would be perfect for our Canada party.  I love that it has all the pretty flower from each province.  It’s so fun seeing them from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, all the way to out west!  It was the perfect vintage piece to share a little Canadian pride.

red DIY yarn tassels

I also made a really simple tassel bunting in red, white and grey from some yarn.  I love a simple craft like this as party decorations that you can reuse.

Canada Themed Dessert Table

Then I added all the fun Canadian themed foods.

  • maple leaf cookies
  • butter tarts
  • mini red and white raspberry trifle
  • Canada Day cake
  • marshmallow pops
  • s’more pops
  • Canada Day chocolate bark

Canada Day Party dessert ideas

This party included lots of easy food ideas -in fact you can see me making some of the recipes here if you want to see just how easy it was!

I picked up some maple leaf cookies.  They’re a classic Canadian treat that taste like maple syrup.

Maple cookies

We also had some butter tarts.  You can’t get more Canadian than a butter tart.  Use a classic recipe, or pick some up like we did.

Canada Day Party themed dessert table

I also made some individual raspberry trifles in mini mason jars.

Canada Day Party dessert table

They’re very easy to make.  I used some store bought pound cake, and canned custard.  Begin by cutting the pound cake into small squares and putting a layer in a mini mason jar.  Then spoon in some custard.  Top that with some raspberry jam and a few fresh raspberries, and then top with whipped cream.  That’s it, easy peasy.  Be sure to store in the fridge.  I finished them off with a cute little Canada flags.

Canada Day dessert

I love the classic red and white theme for Canada Day, they’d also be great in strawberry.

Canada themed dessert table

Canada Day Cake

One of my favourite desserts of the day was the easy Canada Day cake.

Canada Day Party

I used a simple and inexpensive cake mix to create this cute three layer cake.

Canada themed cake

I used some plastic toy animals to decorate the top along with some simple red and white ribbon flags.  So easy and so cute. You could serve this with a scoop of ice cream for a classic combination.  How about maple walnut to go with our theme?

Canada Day smore pops

Marshmallow and S’more Pops

I also made some easy marshmallow pops.  Just dip marshmallows into melted chocolate and then coat with Canada Day sprinkles.  Another fun idea was to make some into s’more pops.  To make them we dipped the marshmallow into the chocolate and then into some crushed graham crackers.  Boy were these a hit with the kids, and one of the easiest ways to make s’mores ever.

Canada themed s'more pops

Canada Day Chocolate Bark

I also included my Canada Day Chocolate Bark -you can see how made it here, including a video.

Canada Day chocolate bark

Drink Station

Lastly we had a fun drink station on the end.  I used my letter board to display the lyrics of O Canada,  and share a little Canadian spirit..

Canada Day Party decorations

The strawberry punch is made with strawberry juice, ginger ale, and some fresh sliced strawberries.  We also a cooler near by filled with water bottles, and party coolers.

Canada Day Party decorations

I love my little deer family along with some fun Canada Day straws.

how to host a Canada themed party

We had such a good time at our Canada Day celebration.  It was a really fun way to celebrate our amazing country, and I can’t think of a better reason to get together with family and friends on July 1st!

Canada dessert table

While I was shopping at Giant Tiger, I also picked up some fun free frisbees, sun glasses, and beach balls.  This lead to some fun games with the kids at our backyard party.  All while listening to a great Canadian playlist of Neil Young, the Tragically Hip, Celine Dion, Joni Mitchell, and Bryan Adams.  and having a great time enjoying the long weekend.

Canada Day Party

I hope I’ve inspired you to get together with friends and family this year and celebrate Canada!  Happy Canada Day.

Canada themed dessert table

With these fun Canada Day party ideas, life really is a party!

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Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Giant Tiger.  All opinions, as always, are my own.  Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.

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  1. So many great touches here! Your cake is adorable and I love the idea of a dessert party. Who doesn’t? I really want to get those outdoor curtains. First I need to put a railing around our front porch and then I want those curtains on the side for privacy and pretty. Love the maple syrup tin and your grandma’s lantern! I want to make a yarn garland as well. I have the red yarn but I need to go get the white…

  2. So beautifully styled Dannyelle! Loved every little detail. Please save some of that cake for me! I’ll be over soon! 🙂

  3. Joann,
    Thanks so much. For the curtains, I picked up some wire curtain hangers (at Home Depot) and it worked great -it’s basically some hooks and some plastic covered wire. And, I picked up the yarn at the second hand store. Now you know all my tips and secrets. 😉

  4. Wow! Your party looks beautiful AND scrumptious! I particularly liked your centrepiece with the maple syrup can. 🙂 Thanks for organizing such a great hop.

  5. I just love your attention to detail Dannyelle, everything is exquisite! All your crafty little touches are amazing and the food looks delicious 🙂 I would have loved to come! Happy Canada Day!

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