Fairy Garden Fish Hook Miniature Chandelier

DIY Miniature Chandelier: how to make a miniature fairy chandelier out of a fish hook, polymere clay, and beads. Perfect for a fairy garden or doll house.
How to make a fairy garden miniature chandelier

What does every Fairy Garden need?  A Miniature Chandelier.  And what does a fairy make a chandelier out of…a Fish Hook.

DIY Fairy garden miniature garden chandelier

The other day I shared our sweet little Miniature Fairy Pergola, and today as promised, is the tutorial to make your very own Fairy Garden Fish Hook Miniature Chandelier.

How to make a fairy garden miniature chandelier

DIY Miniature Chandelier Materials:

  • Triple Hook Fish Hook
  • Pliers
  • Small Hack Saw
  • Birthday Candle
  • Polymer Clay -white
  • Bead Caps
  • Small glass beads and pearls
  • Fine Thread
  • Bead Needle
  • Super Glue
How to make a diy miniature chandelier

How To Make A Miniature Chandelier

Remove Fish Hook Barbs

1. Begin with the fish hook, this is the hardest part of the project.  Use pliers to hold the hook, and a small hack saw to cut the barbs off of the hook.  

My husband helped me out with this.  If you weren’t able to get the barbs off, I think you could make a small ball/bead with polymer clay, and bake it around the barb to cover it up and prevent it from poking anyone.

How to make a miniature candlelabra

Make Candles

2. Next make the candles.  I used a real birthday candle and used the wick from it.  Then, I formed a candle shape from polymer clay.  I made sure to place it on the top of the hook to make a small indentation which made it easier to glue afterward.  

Once the polymer clay is formed into the candles, bake it according to the package directions to make it hard.

diy Miniature doll chandelier candelabra

Once the clay is baked it’s time to glue it together.  Make sure to put the end bead first, then glue on the candle, and glue the end bead underneath it.  Super glue is a little tricky, so be careful of your fingers!

diy Miniature doll house chandelier candelabra

Chandelier Beading

3. The last step is to add the hanging beads to the chandelier.  I used small glass beads, and fine plastic thread.  Tie the thread right under the end bead, and use enough beads to make a nice swag.

DIY Fairy garden accessories

I tied the chandelier onto our little Miniature Fairy Garden Pergola and set up the sweetest little Fairy Picnic underneath -see how to make the fairy garden picnic food here.

DIY Fairy garden decor

With a sweet Fairy Garden Fish Hook Miniature Chandelier, life really is a party!

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