Felted Wool Sweater Woven Pillow

Felted Wool Sweater Woven Pillow: felted wool sweater craft idea, make this woven pillow out of old thrift store sweaters turned into felt.
Felted Wool Sweater Woven Pillow: felted wool sweater craft idea, make this woven pillow out of old thrift store sweaters turned into felt.

Today I’m sharing this pretty and cozy felted wool sweater woven pillow. We made this pillow from old felted wool sweaters.  Ever have the bad experience of washing a wool sweater in hot water, and putting it in the dryer and then discovering it’s shrunk?  That’s exactly what you want to happen here.

how to felt wool sweaters


  • old wool sweaters
  • washing machine
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • pillow insert
  • coordinating fabric
  • pins

How To Make a Felted Wool Sweater Woven Pillow:

1. I found some old sweaters at the thrift store.  They have to be made out of animal fibers in order to felt.  Wool, or cashmere, or angora all work well.  To felt the sweaters wash them in your washing machine with soap and hot water.  Then dry them in the dryer on hot heat.  If the fibres haven’t felted after one wash and dry, do the whole process a second time.

2.Once they’ve been felted, cut them into strips.  Since they are felt, they won’t fray when they’re cut.  

3.Then, weave your pillow top, to the size of the pillow insert you’re using.  Once the top is woven and pinned together for stability, sew a plain piece of fabric on the wrong side.  This piece will ensure that the felt doesn’t get pulled or stretched out of shape.  Make sure it’s a coordinating colour, since it will show through between some of the pieces.  

4. After the top is all ready, use some more plain fabric to make an envelope style back -just like I did in this post.

felted wool sweater crafts

Once it’s all stitched up, turn it right side out again and enjoy.

felted wool sweater craft ideas

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It makes for the perfect cozy spot to curl up in.

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rustic Christmas decor

I love all the different textures and slightly different shades of the various sweaters together.

felted wool sweater pillow

With a cozy felted sweater woven pillow to curl up with on a cold day, life really is a party!

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  1. I love this! The pillow looks great and I love the styling too. Super cute mugs. I wish Chapters was in the states!

  2. Beautiful pillow. Nice to see a fellow Torontonian on Tip Junkie. As soon as I saw “colour” I knew you were Canadian or one of the ’empire’ countries

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