Frozen Themed Party -Dinner and Movie Night

Frozen Themed Party -Dinner and Movie Night: Swedish meatballs, Sven’s roasted carrots, and Frozen Ice Cream Sundaes with plenty of chocolate.
Frozen themed party

Do you want to build a snowman?  Do you want to have a Frozen themed party dinner and movie night?  This party was so fun to create, and one of the prettiest Disney Princess Movie nights that we’ve done so far.  

Frozen party ideas

Disney Most Popular Princesses

When I was researching which Disney Princess was the most popular, Frozen topped many of the on-line lists.  It’s certainly the best selling Disney Princess Movie of them all.  Things have shifted over the years in terms of the princess narrative.  It’s been a while since any princesses have been waiting around to fall in love or be rescued by a handsome prince.  Frozen is a love story, but the saving love in the movie is sisterly love, and Elsa is a strong, independent and powerful princess turned queen.  This has appealed to girls of all ages.  We were excited to include Frozen as one of our Disney Princess dinner and a movie night. 

Frozen Themed Party Decorations

We went with the classic decor inspiration from the first Frozen movie, so lots of snowflakes, white and ice blue.   I used some inexpensive tulle fabric from the fabric store in white and blue as a snow drift inspired table cloth on our two small tables.   I love to set these little parties up in the living room, so that we can enjoy dinner while we watch the movie  for movie night.  On top of the table cloth I used some snowflake table scatter, from my Christmas decoration box. 

frozen themed party decorations

Balloons always feel special for a party, even a small at home movie night.  I found this balloon arch kit with the balloons and the special tape to connect them at my favourite independent dollar store.  It worked really well as the backdrop for our table.

In front I added lots of pretty iridescent candle holders.  I thought the iridescent pieces worked really well with the ice and snow theme.  The candles look really beautiful when we lit them.  If you had smaller kids at your movie night, you could always opt for battery powered candles for safety.  We also used lots of mini twinkle lights on both tables.

DIY Snowballs

Old Christmas decorations worked really well to add faux snowflakes and icicles.  I also had some old DIY snowballs.  To make the snowballs I found styrofoam balls in different sizes at the dollar store.  I used a small craft paint brush to cover them in white glue, and then rolled them in some faux snow and glitter.  After they dry they look great as snowballs .  I added them and a bit of extra faux snow and twinkle lights to the bottom of one of the tables as a fun decoration.

Frozen themed ice cream sundae bar

DIY faux snowballs

Frozen Themed Party Printables

We made some beautiful Frozen printables for this party.  We started with our printable Frozen movie night ticket.  These are so fun to print at home on your printer, or at a local office supply store, and use as a special invitation to friends or family for this movie night.

printable Frozen movie ticket invitations

We also made a really sweet poster with a great quote from our favourite snowman Olaf -“I like warm hugs.”  It’s on our table in an inexpensive Ikea frame, which works perfectly.

Frozen party printables

We also included a bottle water wrap, with another great quote from Olaf “some people are worth melting for.”  

Frozen themed party printablesThere are also some cupcake pics, which we used in our sundae toppings.  Lastly we added this sign “Do you want to build an ice cream sundae?” as the perfect backdrop to our small ice cream sundae buffet.

Frozen ice cream sundaesPurchase our Frozen Printables PDF here, and print on your home computer or at an office supply store, or printers for your own Frozen party.

Frozen Themed Food Ideas

There isn’t a lot of mention of food in Frozen, which made planning the themed dinner a little bit tricky.  We ended up going with food from the region where the movie is set as our inspiration.  

Swedish meatballs are easy to make, delicious, and always a hit with grown ups or kids, so we served them as our main course.  Find the recipe for the our Swedish meatballs here.  Along with our  Swedish meatballs, we served some mashed potatoes.  Pasta would be a great choice too, if you prefer.  

frozen themed dinner and movie night

Swedish meatballs

Frozen themed dinner ideas

We also made Sven’s Roasted Carrots.  These were a delicious choice that worked perfect with the meatballs, and I know Sven would approve. 😉  Find the recipe for these easy oven roasted carrots here.

how to throw a Frozen themed dinner

Frozen themed dinner


Frozen Themed Make Your Own Sundae

For dessert, we thought it would be fun to serve something that’s actually frozen, and decided on a Frozen themed make your own sundaes.  

Frozen themed ice cream sundae party

To fit our theme we added lots of great blue and white options for toppings, and went with vanilla ice cream.  

Waffle Bowls

For the sundae bowls we used waffle bowls decorated with blue chocolate and sprinkles.  I picked up some blue chocolate and melted it in the microwave on a saucer, and then dipped the edge of the waffle bowls into the chocolate.  Before the chocolate set, we added blue and white sprinkles, including some snowflake sprinkles that fit our theme perfectly.  Lastly, we let the chocolate set before serving.

Frozen themed dessert

Frozen themed sundaes

Blue and White Toppings

For our Frozen themed sundae toppings we had

    • shredded coconut
    • mini white chocolate chips
    • mini marshmallows
    • white and blue jelly beans
    • blue sprinkles
    • snowflake sprinkles

We served them all in vintage milk glass containers.

Frozen party printable cupcake picks

Frozen themed sundaes

Frozen themed sundae toppings

Don’t Forget Elsa and Anna’s Favourite:  Chocolate!

We also knew we had to to include some chocolate, since it’s a favourite of both Elsa and Anna.  So we made some yummy and easy chocolate brownies -get the recipe here to add to the sundaes, along with the most delicious hot fudge sauce.  

Frozen themed chocolate brownies

I’m not a real chocolate lover personally, and even I couldn’t stop eating this amazing hot fudge sauce.  It’s so good.  Find the recipe for the Hot Fudge Sauce here.

Frozen themed dessert ideas

Making Memories With Movie Nights

This whole Frozen dinner and movie night was pretty easy to put together with things mostly from around the house, and the addition of a few balloons.  We watched Frozen together as a family during dinner, and then enjoyed the sundaes together.  It was a really fun evening, and one I think kids of any age would really enjoy -it would also make a pretty adorable date night for Disney lovers too. ;). I have been singing Frozen songs ever since, with no end in sight.  

Frozen themed party

how to throw a Frozen themed movie night

With a Frozen themed dinner and a movie, life really is a party!

Disney Princess Dinner and Movie Toolkit

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