How To Make A Fairy Garden House

How to make a DIY Fairy House from a dollar store birdhouse and an old seed package.
How to make a DIY Fairy House from a dollar store birdhouse and an old seed package.

I’m not a hoarder…I just like to keep useful things, in case I need them.  One of those things has been old seed packages.  They’re just so pretty, I knew I could use them for something.

old seed packages

And that something is…a DIY fairy house.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of discovering fairy gardens yet, then you’re in for a treat.  These little miniature gardens are the cutest, and I promise if you build one, the fairies will come and move into your garden.

There are all kinds of amazing fairy gardens.  I’ve been making them for years, but what is for sure is that you need a little house for the fairies to live in.  I like using a simple little dollar store bird house.

So here’s how I made mine.

diy fairy house


  • Dollar store bird house
  • small saw
  • paint stick
  • finishing nail
  • old seed packages
  • modge podge
  • paint
  • glitter
  • toothpicks
  • hot glue

To Make the DIY Fairy House:

1.  Start by removing the bird perch from your bird house, with a small saw.  Then cut the end off of a paint stick to make a door for your fairy house.

How to make a diy fairy garden house

2.  Paint the house roof and edges with white paint.

How to make a DIY Fairy Garden House from a dollar store birdhouse and an old seed package.

3.  Cut out and modge podge the seed package onto your house.

4.  Paint the door and glitter.

5.  Coat the roof with modge podge and sprinkle with glitter (after the seed packages have dried).

6.  Nail the door to the house using a tiny finishing nail and leaving it slightly raised to resemble a door knob.

7.  Optional:  Cut toothpicks to create a window, hot glue in place and paint white.

making a DIY fairy house from a birdhouse

8.  Create a fairy garden and insert your fairy house.

making diy fairy houses from dollar store bird houses

You can add all kinds of fun creative little details in your fairy garden.

how to make a fairy garden

This one is pretty simple, with a lawn of Irish moss, with a little fairy sized watering can.

miniature watering can for a fairy garden

At the end of the little pea gravel path is a sweet little mail box. I found the watering can at a doll house miniature store, and the mail box is from a craft store.

fairy garden miniature mailbox

I put this simple fairy garden on our deck stairs, along with some other pots for us to enjoy all summer.

How to make a DIY Fairy House for a container fairy garden

With a simple and pretty little fairy garden house like this, life really is a party.

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  1. Such a cute fairy garden, Dannyelle! I’ve wanted one but can’t justify the prices of stuff! Fun being a part if this blog hop with you!

  2. Thanks Kendra. DIY is definitely the cheaper way to make a fairy garden, you’ll have to give it a try. 😉

  3. Dannyelle, this is an absolutely adorable and clever idea! I love how your bird houses turned out. I have saved my seed packets and have no idea why. I am now inspired to use them in decoupage! Nicely done!

  4. Virginia, I’m imagining you doing these with all your pretty paint colours! Would be beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.

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