Modern Lego Nativity

Modern Lego Nativity: use lego to make a stable with a star, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three wisemen, and shepherds.
Modern Lego Nativity:  use lego to make a stable with a star, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three wisemen, and the shepherds.

I’m kind of in love with this modern lego nativity.  One of my girls and I made it after school the other day.  It was all because I’ve been taking part in a little advent Instagram challenge.  The theme for the day was “the nativity”.  I didn’t have one…at least not one I liked.  

A Modern Nativity

I did feel a pinch of guilt over the fact that no where in my three floors of Christmas decorated house was there a nativity on display.  I used to be a pastor, we love Jesus, go to church every Sunday, card caring members….but I just don’t really like nativities.  

There’s something about the face glowing, perfect looking, “little Lord Jesus no crying he makes” scene that just doesn’t do it for me.  I read this great article this week, and I think it hit the nail on the head –“Why Are Manger Scenes So Weird”.  

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The manger was messy, people are messy, life is messy and my God came down to all the mess, not some sanitized version of us.  So when I started thinking nativity scene, somehow the modern version sat a little better with me.  It’s the suggestion of the characters, open for me to fill in the rest.  Perfect.

Modern lego nativity

Make It With The Kids

The regular cast of characters make their appearance, there’s Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus himself.

Mary Joseph and Jesus lego nativity

The three wise men are there, with their little crowns.

Modern three wise men kings

And all the rest;  the stable, the star, the shepherds.

Modern lego nativity

With a simple modern nativity, life really is a party!

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