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Picnic Lunch

Pretty Picnic Lunch: Individual picnic boxes, wild flowers, tissue paper tassels, and a delicious menu make this the perfect picnic lunch.
Pretty Picnic Lunch: Individual picnic boxes, wild flowers, tissue paper tassels, and a delicious menu make this the perfect picnic lunch.

This picnic lunch was so much fun with individual picnic boxes for everyone and yummy picnic lunch menu to enjoy.

I’m savouring these last weeks of summer.  The weather is so beautiful outside, and before we know it we may just be back to boots and coats and shovels. Boo.  So before I start pulling out my fall decor, like so many other bloggers, I’m savouring these last summer days (although I may or maynot be pinning fall decor already on pinterest).  I thought I might inspire you too, with a simple and oh so pretty picnic.

Individual Picnic Boxes

While we were away at the lake, I decided one day we should have a pretty picnic lunch.  I picked up the great cardboard boxes so everyone could have their own individual picnic box.

Individual picnic boxes

I decorated each one with some pretty geometric washi tape, which set the colour scheme for the picnic.  I also added a sweet tassel to each one in pink or peach.

Everybody also got their own bottle of pink lemonade with a pretty straw attached.

Pretty Picnic lunch ideas

Table Setting

I set up the picnic table with a dip dyed table runner and rustic matching napkins, you can see how I made them here.  It was an easy fun project and I love how they turned out.  We also had a few citronella candles in some pretty tea light holders, and wild flowers in vintage mason jars.

pink and orange tissue paper tassels

Above the table, between two trees I strung up some colourful tissue paper tassels.  They looked so pretty blowing in the breeze.  I used a little of the washi tape that inspired the colours on them as well.

picnic lunch ideas

Picnic Menu

  • cold chicken
  • Asian noodle salad
  • blueberries
  • brownies
  • lemonade

On the menu for picnic was some cold grilled chicken -see the recipe here, and a great little Asian noodle salad.

 Individual picnic boxes

I used waxed paper to wrap the chicken, and put the salad in a mason jar for easy transport.  Just loved how cute the wooden forks looked with a little washi tape to tie them into everything else.

Individual picnic boxes

And then it was time for dessert.

 Individual picnic lunch boxes

We had yummy chocolate brownies with a shortbread base, and fresh blueberries.  The brownies traveled well in a little paper bag, and the blueberries were great in a mini mason jar.

picnic lunch ideas

What’s more fun than an afternoon picnic by the lake?  Nothin.

picnic lunch

With a pretty picnic like this to celebrate the last days of summer, life really is a party!

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