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Scented Bleached Pinecones

Scented Bleached Pinecones -use simple household bleach to whiten and brighten natural pinecones, and then add any scent to them you like.
DIY Scented Bleached Pinecones: How to make your own scented bleached pinecones.

Scented Bleached Pinecones are the perfect way to create lighter coloured pinecones for decor and add beautiful scent to a room.  They’re easy and fun to make too.

Sometimes the simple little DIY’s are the sweetest, and this little project fits in that category.

A pinecone, all on it’s own is beautiful.  But, add some paint, or group various kinds together, or bleach some and the simple beauty it has all on its own is magnified.

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DIY Scented Bleached Pinecones

Here’s how to make your own Scented Bleached Pinecones


  • Pinecones
  • Bleach
  • Large Bucket
  • Something to use as a Weight (I used a cutting board and some rocks)
  • Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
  • Essential Oil
  • Ziplock Bag

To Make Scented Bleached Pinecones:

1.  Place your pinecones in a large bucket, and then fill with enough bleach and water to cover the pinecones.  I did about 1:1 ratio, you can go all the way up to 2:1 beach to water, or somewhere in-between.

bleaching pinecones in a bucket
2.  Put something over your pinecones to weigh them down and hold them in the bleach and water solution, since they float.  I used a cutting a board with a few rocks on top.
how to bleach pinecones
3.  Let sit, outside or in the garage if you’re able because of the bleach smell, for about 24 hours.  Don’t worry if they still look kind of dark and are closed up, they do that in water, when we dry them they’ll open back up and get lighter.
4.  Drain them and rinse them with water.
Bleached Pinecones ready to dry
5.  Place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, and place in a 200 degree oven for a few hours until they are open again.
Bleached Pinecones
6.  Lastly, place them in a ziplock bag and add some essential oil -any scent you like we used apple pie.  Seal the bag and let them sit a few days up to a week.  When you open them up all the bleach smell will be gone, and they will smell like your oil.
pinecones after they've been bleached

I’ve used the pinecones all over the house, and grouped them with different varieties, shapes and sizes, and even a few painted ones.  I love all the texture.  Perfect for Christmas, but also great for fall and winter decorating.  And, they smell so nice and sweet.

scented Bleached Pinecones used in Christmas decor

I added some little screw in eye hooks to some and used them as ornaments.

bleached pinecone Christmas ornament

I really love how they turned out.

DIY Scented Bleached Pinecones

So simple and so pretty.

How to make your own scented bleached pinecones

With Scented Bleached Pinecones, life really is a party.

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