Hot Chocolate Valentine with Free Printable

Hot Chocolate Valentine: use our free printable valentine card and hot chocolate label to create beautiful classroom Valentines.
Love Potion Hot Chocolate Valentine

Sharing Valentine’s is such a fun tradition, and this hot chocolate valentine is a wonderful way to share a treat with someone special.  We’ve turned hot chocolate into “Love Potion” and included the cutest “Valentine We’ve Got Chemistry” card with it.  Last post I shared my amazing Love Potion Hot Chocolate station.  If you loved the idea but would like to do it on a slightly smaller scale, then this version is perfect for you.  

These would be a really fun sweet treat to use as a classroom valentine treat, or to make a gift for your kids and maybe include in a Valentine’s Day love basket.  These test tube hot chocolates are like a simple version of hot chocolate bombs.  We did a little play on words to make them like they’re love potion.  To make it even cuter we instructed the recipients to mix the hot cocoa powder with hot H2O instead of just saying hot water.  We’ve included a printable label for the test tube, as well as a printable gift tags Valentine cards to go with it.

Free Valentine Printable Card

Use our free printables to create these fun Valentines.  During these cold February days of winter, a hot chocolate treat is perfect to warm anyone up.  These chemistry inspired ones could not be any cuter. The cards are in our Free Printable Resource Library, subscribe below for instant access.


free Valentine printable card

Test Tubes

We used glass test tubes for ours and I found them at the craft store.  They came with corks on the end and worked really well.  If you’re making these for kids to use in classroom Valentine exchange, you might want to look for test tubes that are made from plastic.  Also look for ones with a screw cap to make them even more secure. These are easy and inexpensive to find online.  

Hot Chocolate

Each test tube holds enough hot cocoa mix to make one cup of hot cocoa when mixed with hot milk or water.  You can use your favourite store bought hot chocolate mix, or even make your own from simple ingredients.  Find our hot chocolate mix recipe here.

Marshmallows and Sprinkles

We used mini marshmallows for our hot chocolate Valentines in a test tube.  For ours we did a combination of white mini marshmallows and pink for Valentine’s Day.  We found the pink as part of the Tutti Frutti mix.  Another great option would be to use dehydrated marshmallows.  

We also added some really cute Valentine’s Day sprinkles.  Look for hearts, X and O’s or just regular sprinkles in red, white, and pink.  Another option might be to include some mini white chocolate chips or milk chocolate chips at the top of the test tube as well.


  • free Valentine printable card and  love potion label
  • test tubes
  • hot chocolate mix
  • Valentine’s Day sprinkles
  • mini marshmallows

How To Make Hot Chocolate Valentines:

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Print them at home or an office supply store, then cut them out and glue the love potion label onto the test tube.  We glued ours on using a simple glue stick.  Another option is to print them onto sticker paper, and then skip the gluing step.

We used glass test tubes, but if you were making these to hand out as classroom Valentines for kids then plastic test tubes would be a safer option.

Love Potion Hot Chocolate Valentine with free Valentine printable card

2. Then, fill up your test tube with hot chocolate mix, some Valentine’s day sprinkles and some mini marshmallows.  Do this in layers to create a cute effect.  Use one serving of hot chocolate mix power per test tube.

Love Potion Hot Chocolate Valentine: Sweet Hot Chocolate Love Potion in a Test Tube with a Free Printable label and We've Got Chemistry Valentine card.

3. Tie on the Valentine card, “Valentine We’ve Got Chemistry” with a little ribbon -and giggle at how clever it is.  Then, give it to someone extra special.

test tube hot chocolate valentine idea

This is a fun gift idea for anyone and something the whole family would enjoy receiving.  These are very similar to hot cocoa bombs, but so much easier to make.  These hot chocolate treats are  especially perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.  They’re there the perfect way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to someone special.

With a hot chocolate Valentine that’s this cute, life really is a party!

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  1. What size labels did you use the front of the tube? Did you cut each one individually or did you use an Avery template? Thank you!

  2. Hi Maria, for our labels we just printed out on to plain white paper, and used a glue stick to glue them on. Sorry they’re not sized for any Avery template. Best of luck,

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