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DIY Easter Egg Salt and Pepper

DIY Easter Egg Salt and Pepper:  Full tutorial to make these from real eggs, with a whittled wooden miniature spoon, and Cricut vinyl letters.

DIY Easter Egg Salt and Pepper:  Full tutorial to make these from real eggs, with a whittled wooden miniature spoon, and Cricut vinyl letters.

This is such a fun little project and perfect for Easter.  It’s so simple and so adorable.  Perfect for your table this spring.

diy easter salt and pepper on an easter table

I’m joining in with some of my favourite bloggers for the Seasonal Simplicity Spring Series.  Be sure to check out all the amazing Easter projects this week at the end of this post.

Easter Decor Ideas

You can make this project as simple or as involved as you like. I decided to try whittling and make the miniature wooden spoon out of a piece of wood, but you could just as easily use one you have, or buy one if whittling isn’t your thing. To add the letters to the front I used my new Cricut Joy to cut out a vinyl, but you could keep it simple with a sharpie if you prefer. I love crafts that you can customize and make any way you like.

how to make Easter egg salt and peppers

This would be great for an Easter table. Who knows this year if we’ll be getting together with extended family for a big dinner, or staying isolated at home. Either way, this is a great little craft. And if you’re at home with extra time on your hands you might like trying the whittling project like I did. Everything I used for this project I already had on hand, and you probably do too.

Easter egg ideas


  • two eggs
  • food colouring
  • vinegar
  • egg cups
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Cricut Joy and black vinyl or black sharpie marker
  • miniature wooden spoon or a piece of wood, sandpaper, jack knife and olive oil

DIY Easter egg salt and pepper with real eggs

How To Make Easter Egg Salt and Peppers:

1. Start by breaking the top off of two eggs, about two thirds of the way up, and empty the raw egg out.  Wash your egg shells off.

Dying The Eggs

2.  Use a small container like a mug and fill with hot water, a teaspoon of vinegar, and about 5 drops of food colouring in a colour of your choice.

how to dye Easter eggs

3. Fully submerge the egg shell in the dye until it reaches your desired colour.  Remove and let it dry completely.

Vinyl S and P

4.  Use your Cricut Joy to cut out a small letter “s” and a small letter “p” in black vinyl in your favourite font.  Remove from the vinyl and add it to your dry dyed egg shells.  Or use a sharpie marker to add an “s” and a “p” to your dry dyed egg shells.

Cricut Joy DIY salt and peppers

5.  Place each of the egg shells in an egg cup, and fill one with salt and one with pepper.

DIY salt and pepper pinch bowls for spring

Whittling The Spoon

6.  Add a small spoon or whittle one out of wood.  Start with a small piece of wood -mine was around 1x1x3.  Draw out a rough outline of a miniature spoon.

how to whittle a miniature wooden spoon

Carefully start whittling away with a small jack knife, creating the basic shape, and then hollowing out the spoon bowl a little.  Take care especially where the handle and spoon bowl meet, too much pressure and it might break.

how to make a miniature wood spoon whittle project

Next use sand paper to remove all the knife marks and create a smooth and beautiful miniature spoon.  Once you’re happy with it, oil it with a little olive oil and let it dry before adding it to your salt and pepper.

homemade miniature wood spoon diy

If you have kids at home right now it would be really fun to get them involved with the egg part of this project.

Easter table with salt and pepper pinch bowls

Easter egg salt and pepper pinch bowls

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