Adult Lemonade Stand

Adult Lemonade Stand: make their own flavoured lemonade with fresh fruit purees, sparking water, or soda, and vodka. Sure to impress your guests.
Adult Lemonade Stand: make their own flavoured lemonade with fresh fruit purees, sparking water, or soda, and vodka. Sure to impress your guests.

A lemonade stand is perfect for a party.  Your guests will love to help themselves at this adult lemonade stand with fresh fruit purees, sparkling water or soda and alcohol.

We had a little get together on the weekend with some friends.  I thought it would be fun to have a lemonade stand buffet/bar for everyone. It was a great success, and the lemonade was really yummy. Here’s how we did it.

grown up Lemonade Stand

The Adult Lemonade Stand

  • lemonade
  • fresh fruit purees
  • sparking water
  • ginger ale or sprite soda pop
  • vodka

We set it up in the back yard, where we were all hanging out, against our back fence. I used a card table, and leaned my chalk board against the fence.  On the chalkboard I wrote a few simple instructions. Guests were invited to help themselves to some lemonade, add a fruit puree if they liked, and top it off with some bubbles and the option of vodka.

Lemonade bar buffet


I made some easy frozen lemonade, and added a few lemon slices to it for our base.

how to set up an adult lemonade stand

How To Make The Fresh Fruit Purees

We made the fruit purees the night before, and served them in pretty recycled bottles. I love how they turned out and they were so delicious.

We made strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.

To make the purees, I added about a pint of berries to the blender, a cup of water, and a tablespoon or two of powdered sugar -depending on how sweet the berries were.

I pureed everything until the mixture was smooth.

Next I poured the puree through a fine wire sieve to remove any seeds.

I used a funnel to pour it into the bottles and made some simple labels that I attached with twine to the bottles.  Store in the fridge.

fresh fruit purees for lemonade

Guests were able to add one of the puree flavours to their lemonade, or combine two or three to create a mixed berry lemonade flavour.

how to set up a grown up Lemonade Stand

Add Some Fizz

We also offered some ginger ale, or sparkling mineral water to top up the lemonade if anyone wanted to add some bubbles. For an evening event, it is fun to offer vodka for the adults to add to their lemonade as well.

marson jar glasses

We served it all up in simple mason jars, with pretty striped straws with some book page butterflies.

adult Lemonade Stand ideas

It was great to get guests engaged in making their own drink concoctions as they arrived and the kids seemed to really enjoy it too. I highly recommend this idea for any summer party, and by using frozen lemonade, and only making the simple purees from scratch, it kept everything simple for me as well.

flavoured Lemonade Stand

With a fun adult lemonade stand buffet/bar, life really is a party!

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