Light Bulb Flower Vase

How to Make A Light Bulb Flower Vase: Turn your old burnt out light bulbs into a hanging flower vase.

How to Make A Light Bulb Flower Vase: Turn your old burnt out light bulbs into a hanging flower vase, by removing the insides of the light bulb.

 Making a  light bulb vase is an easy and free project.  They’re perfect for adding a little bit of whimsy to your space. 

As a blogger, you sometimes find yourself doing unusual things.  Yesterday I was out for a morning walk and as I walked I was peeking into all my neighbours recycling bins, looking for their old tin cans for another project I’ll share with you soon.  As I looked I saw someone had three lightbulbs in their recycling (can you even recycle lightbulbs?) and I remembered a project that I’d always wanted to give a try -Light Bulb Flower Vases.  So, I grabbed them and brought them home.

How to Make A vase out of an old lightbulb


  • light bulbs
  • screw driver
  • gloves
  • safety googles
  • plyers
  • twine

How to Make A Light Bulb Flower Vase

1. The first step is to remove the bottom of the light bulb using pliers.  This project involves a fair bit of glass breaking, so it’s a good idea to wear gloves, safety googles, and work in a plastic bag for easy clean-up, since the glass pieces are so small.

light bulb vase how to

2. Once the bottom is removed, it’s time to break the thick black glass.  I looked at quite a few tutorials for this, and most recommended using the pliers or a screw driver to get inside the small hole, and break it that way.  

I used a metal skewer and twisted it around to try and crack the glass. Once I had it cracked, I worked the tip of the needle nose pliers in and tried to break it up so it would come out.  

This is the hardest part of the whole the project, since you’re trying to work careful so as not to break the bulb itself.  Take your time and keep trying, bit by bit you’ll get it broken up and removed.

3. Next you need to break the inside glass part, I used a screw driver, again taking care not to break the bulb itself.  You’ll need to use the pliers to break the little wires, and then shake it out of your opening.  

I found it easiest to work inside the plastic bag, since there’s a lot of tiny pieces of glass.  Once you have the insides all out, you’re nearly finished.

removing the inside of an old light bulb

4. For my little vases, I used a some twine to hang them from a branch in my dining room.

light bulb vases

I just picked a few pretty flowers from my garden and added a little water.

hanging light bulb vases

I love how they turned out.

How to Make A Light Bulb Flower Vase

So simple and so pretty.

hanging flower vase made from an old light bulb

With these pretty and inexpensive light bulb flower vases, life really is a party!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to do them forever. You explained it so well that I had to try it right away. The only difference is that I used floral scissors – pointed at the end and easy enough to break the inside. Super excited!!!

  2. Betty, thanks so much. So glad you tried it it! Great idea to use floral scissors, thanks for the tip!

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