Lilo and Stitch Party Ideas

Lilo and Stitch Party: This Dinner and Movie viewing party includes decor, menu, recipes, and free printable Lilo and Stitch Menu Card.

Lilo and Stitch Party: This Dinner and Movie viewing party includes decor, menu, recipes, and free printable Lilo and Stitch Menu Card.Lilo and Stitch

The classic animated Disney film favourite Lilo and Stitch is the theme for our party!  It’s  the old story of someone seemingly unloveable, receiving love and learning to give it in return.  And set in Hawaii, Disney’s Lilo and Stitch is full of pretty scenery,  hula dancers in Hawaiian leis, surfing scenes, and sunshine.  Inspired by the film, we put together a fun and easy Hawaiian theme menu that paired with it perfectly for a great “Dinner and a Movie Night”.  This would also be a great idea for a Lilo and Stitch birthday party.  Watching this beloved family film and making a some traditional Hawaiian dishes is a great family night that kids of all ages will love, but it would also be a very fun Disney date night idea.  This is a great way to enjoy yummy good and great movie together.

Lilo and Stitch themed food

We’re planning a trip to Disney soon, and it’s inspired us to enjoy some old Disney movies together as a family before we go.  We had actually never seen Lilo and Stitch before and I have to say I really enjoyed it #tearjerker.  My daughter Maddie put this whole viewing party together -from the table setting, printable menus, to most of the cooking.  I love summer holidays when kids have time to make creative ideas come to life.

Lilo and Stitch family movie night

Lilo and Stitch Tablescape

We wanted to eat our dinner in the living room while we watched the movie, so instead of the the dining room, she set up dinner on our coffee table in our living room.

Lilo and Stitch themed food

Maddie set the table with a really simple paper runner inspired by palm trees that she made.  She used regular copy paper and cut it out on the Cricut into tropical leaves.  You could also make them from construction paper.

Lilo and Stitch food ideas

For the rest of the table she just used some things we had around the house. Our simple white plates are layered with small wood side plates that feel perfect for our Hawaiian feel.  We also used some vintage brass candlesticks and gold cutlery to add warmth to the table.  The color scheme was inspired tropical flowers, and the pretty napkins in different shades of pink and orange with gold polka dots were perfect.  You could also look for palm shaped placemats at the dollar tree to create a tropical paradise feel also.  A flower lei at each place setting would be a lot of fun too.  Beach balls would be so much fun to add as well and be great as party favors in you were hosting a birthday party.

Free Printable Lilo and Stitch Menu

She also created the cutest printable menus which you can access for free by subscribing to our newsletter below, and receiving instant access to our Free Printable Library.  They look great on each place setting, and are such beautiful party decorations.


Lilo and Stitch free party printable menu

Lilo and Stitch Dinner

The menu of delicious Hawaiian recipes is inspired by the Polynesian restaurant ‘Ohana, at Disney World, where Lilo and Stitch are know to make an appearance.  (Check out their dinner menu here.)   The yummy food that they offer inspired by the cute little alien Stitch and Lilo’s adventures are so perfect for inspiring a themed party.  It’s such a great place to visit, but if you can’t make it there to enjoy their original recipes influenced by Hawaiian culture, the next best thing is to take those great ideas and create your own Lilo and Stitch dinner at home.

Sweet and Sour Pork Kebabs

Maddie made the sweet and sour pork kebabs with this recipe -and they were really delicious!  These pork and pineapple skewers also have a delicious sweet sticky sauce that you will love.  Inspired by the traditional flavors of Hawaii, these are such a favorite.  You can also make them with chicken instead of pork, if you prefer.

Side Dishes

To go with our kebabs we had some side dishes of grilled veggies and garlic noodles.  Rice would be a great easy side dish option too.

Lilo and Stitch themed food

Coconut Milkshakes

The coconut milkshakes have become a family favourite of ours and the recipe is really simple.  You can find our coconut milkshake recipe here.  It is one of our very favorite Hawaiian-inspired recipes.  It only takes three ingredients to make it.  It’s a good idea to top it off with with a mini beach umbrella cocktail pick.  If you’re making this for adults, you can add shot of rum to your coconut milkshake for a fun frozen cocktail.

Lilo and Stitch themed dessert


For dessert, we were inspired by the ‘Ohana’s famous Tropical Bread Pudding with Caramel Banana Topping.  We love this tropical fruits inspired dessert.  Maddie started out with this basic bread pudding recipe (leaving out the apples and raisins and using egg bread).  And then for the caramel sauce, she used the sauce from our Pumpkin Cream Puffs  -find our caramel sauce recipe here, and added in sliced bananas.

 Serve the bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and the caramel banana sauce over top.  It was really delicious.  It would be a great dessert as an alternative to traditional birthday cakes for birthday parties too.  Just add a candle and sing Happy Birthday! This was so good, and our whole family loved it.

'Ohana's famous Tropical Bread Pudding with Caramel Banana Topping

We had a great time enjoying our delicious film-inspired recipes for dinner while we watched the movie.  It was so fun, and perfect prep for our Disney trip.  It would be a great “Dinner and Movie” for any special family night, birthday party, or special date night.  Just put some Hawaiian music on and enjoy cooking these recipes inspired by authentic Hawaiian cuisine flavors.

Lilo and Stitch themed family movie night

Lilo and Stitch Party ideas

Lilo and Stitch movie night

With a Lilo and Stitch themed Dinner and Movie night, life really is a party!

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