Moana Themed Party -Dinner and A Movie Night

Moana Themed Party -Dinner and Movie Night: fun ideas for a Moana party, themed foods for dinner, DIY party decorations, and Mona themed printables.

Mona themed party ideas

Today we’re sharing our final Disney Princess Dinner and A Movie Night. I wanted to do six Disney movie nights all together and I had a lot of trouble deciding on our final movie, because there are so many great ones. We are finishing with a Mona themed party dinner and movie night as our final pick, because it’s such an amazing movie. We’ve already done:

Why We Love Moana

There are so many great options. At the end of the day I had to include Disney’s Moana because she is according to many, Disney’s most popular princess. She breaks the old princess mould by being strong, independent, and without a prince or love story line. Our little voyager overcomes difficulties by trying again, and she’s the new princess role model that younger girls are growing up with. The setting for this film is really beautiful, and it has amazing songs as well. All those reasons are why we chose Moana as our final Disney Princess Dinner and A Movie Night!

We set up our party as a family movie night, but it would also make an amazing Disney date night, or a really fun girls night too. Our post is also full of Moana birthday party ideas if you’re planning a Moana-themed birthday party and looking for some creative ideas!

Moana movie night

Moana Themed Party Decorations

We had so much fun setting up our Moana-themed party movie night. Keeping things casual for movie night, we set up things in the living room around the coffee table so we could enjoy dinner together there while we watched the movie. We were inspired by the tropical setting of the beautiful island, and colorful leis in the film, and decided to go with a jungle vibe. I used lots of house plants as decorations.

Since the movie is also all about the sea, I wanted to include the beachy, palm tree, sun and sand feel with some perfect Moana inspired sea shells as well. The large conch shells can get a little expensive, so I have a tip for you. Look in thrift stores, or online at second hand sites for a deal. I found a couple available online and they were so much cheaper than buying them at the craft store. I also love the pink of the conch shells, the colours are so pretty.

Moana themed food ideas

Inspired by the macrame on Moana’s skirt as an island girl, we added this pretty macrame bunting to the front of the table. You can read all about how I made the macrame bunting here. We had a great time finding pieces like this and all things Moana to decorate with instead of just picking up Moana party supplies at the party store.

Moana party decorations

We also thought it could be fun to include tropical fresh fruits on the table for more tropical vibes. So I picked up a fresh pineapple at the grocery store, along with three coconuts. If you wanted you could add a tropical fruits tray to the table, or dessert table. Inspired by the Kakamora coconut pirates in the film, some of our favorite characters, we painted faces on our coconuts. 

Moana party decorations DIY Kakamora coconut pirates Just use simple craft paints, and free hand some scary looking faces on your coconuts to make your own Kakamora as table decorations. This could be a fun activity to do with kids at a Moana theme birthday party.

DIY Moana coconut pirates

Moana Themed Party Printables

We made some really cute printables to go with our Moana party theme. I love the color scheme of pink, orange and red and the graphics were inspired by tropical leaves and tropical flowers, We made a printable movie ticket. It’s the perfect invitation to movie night for family or friends. Your kids or party guests will love it! You could also use it as a birthday party invitation for a Moana birthday theme party.  

Moana party invitation printable movie ticket

We also made a really beautiful Moana poster with palm leaves, that we framed in an Ikea frame for the party. It would be sweet bedroom decor for a Moana fan afterward, or birthday girl.

Moana party printables

We also made some printable food labels, and there are also some blank ones included in the set that you could use to make your own food labels, or as place cards if you were setting a table in the dining room. Also included in the set, are some cupcake toppers. We made them into little sails. You could use the Moana design cupcakes picks in any desserts or themed party foods. Just cut them out and hot glue them onto a toothpick to use as picks.  

Moana party ideas

Lastly there’s some drink flags included in the set. Add these to paper straws are an easy way to add another fun detail to your party space. Use them in the coconut milkshakes.

Moana party ideas

Buy Moana Party Printables Here

All our printables are available for purchase as a set.  Just purchase, download, print, cut, and celebrate.  Purchase the Moana Party Printables here.

Moana party printables

Moana Themed Party Food Menu

Since Moana takes place in the tropics, we went with a tropical menu for the evening. 

Moana themed party

Coconut Shrimp

We love the song “Where You Are” from the film, which talks all about the coconut, and how the islanders use every part of the tree. It inspired us to make some coconut shrimp for our movie night. These were so yummy, and felt like a special treat for movie night. Get the Coconut Shrimp recipe here.

Moana party food coconut shrimp

Sweet and Sour Pork Kebabs and Rice

There’s a sweet scene in the movie where Moana eats some pork in front of Pua the pig. After saying “Mmmm, that’s good pork” she notices Pua, and makes an excuse to leave. We wanted to make some good pork for the evening too, just don’t tell Pua. ;). We put together some Sweet and Sour Pork Kebabs, that we cooked on the bbq. The sweet and sour sauce is easy to make and so good. You’ll love the Sweet and Sour Pork Kebas, find the recipe here.

We also made some simple rice to go with our meal.

what to serve at a Moana themed party
Moana themed party food

Coconut Milkshakes

For drinks we made our Coconut Milkshakes. They’re a real favourite around here. They only have three ingredients, so they’re really simple to make, and so delicious. Get our coconut milkshake recipe here.  Another idea would be to serve these in coconut cups. You’ll want to make these last minute right before serving so that they don’t melt.

Moana themed party food ideas

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes

Lastly, we finished our dinner with individual pineapple upside down cakes. These are a family favourite too, and a fun alternative to a Moana cake even for a birthday. Get the individual pineapple upside down cake recipe here. These awesome cakes were simple to make as individual servings cupcake pans to bake them in. We used our printable cupcake picks in each cake to make our own Moana boat!

Moana themed party dinner and movie night

We had a lot of fun putting this movie night together, and I’ve been singing the songs from the Moana soundtrack for days! I love the messages of this movie, and really enjoyed this movie night.

Moana themed party movie night

With a Mona themed party dinner and movie night like this to enjoy, life really is a party

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