Love Pillow

DIY Love Pillow: this easy sewing project uses pink buttons to create a love pillow perfect for your Valentine’s Day decor.

Simple Valentine's Day Pillow -

Since Valentine’s Day is this weekend, it seemed like the right thing to do to make a little love pillow.  I love to add a few pink touches for Valentine’s Day.  A few Valentine’s Day decorations seem to help get through the long, dark winter days of February.

diy love Valentine's Day pillow

I found a bag of all pink buttons at the dollar store a few weeks ago, and they inspired this fun and and simple DIY Heart Pillow for Valentine’s Day.


  • assorted pink buttons
  • drop cloth fabric
  • pillow form
  • pink thread
  • needle
  • disappearing ink marker

How To Make A Love Pillow

1. To make the pillow I used some cloth I had, actually a piece of a drop cloth from the hardware store.  I cut it to fit the pillow form with an envelope style close a the back.  I you didn’t want to make your own pillow case you could use a store bought one.

2. Use a fading marker (you can find them at the fabric store and they work really great for sewing projects of all starts) and write the word love on the fabric to use as a guide line for sewing the buttons on.
Simple Valentine's Day Pillow -

3. Using pink thread, sew on the buttons following the marker lines.

Simple Valentine's Day Pillow -

Simple Valentine's Day Pillow -

It certainly helps make for a cozy and pretty spot to read on a winter’s day.

Simple Valentine's Day Pillow -

It would make a lovely, inexpensive little Valentine’s Day present too.

With a pretty little love pillow, life really is a party!

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