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Peach Party

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Peach Party: easy DIY peach themed party decor made with the Cricut Joy, delicious peach dessert and peach drink recipes included.

Peach Party: easy DIY peach themed party decor made with the Cricut Joy, delicous peach dessert and peach drink recipes included.

We put together the sweetest peach party using our new Cricut Joy. This party is the perfect way to celebrate peach season with friends, with simple DIY party decor made with the Cricut Joy, and easy and delicious recipes that are so quick to put together.

I love the peach and pink colour scheme of this little get together. And if you love hosting parties as much as I do, then you probably love creating personalized party decorations to go with your theme too.

Cricut Joy party decorations

The new Cricut Joy is the perfect tool to make all your party decor dreams come true. It’s perfectly portable and quick and easy to use. I love that the new Cricut Joy doesn’t require cutting mats to use with their smart vinyl, so it makes the whole process less complicated. No fancy craft room required for crafting with the Cricut Joy. It so small and portable that I made all these on my kitchen table. I created three simple projects to go with our party theme that all take only a few minutes to create.

You’re A Peach Invitation Card

Set the theme for your party right away with our “You’re a Peach” card. We used the Cricut Joy blank insert card to create this pretty card to use as an invitation to our little get together. It would also be a great birthday card too.

Cricut Joy card

It’s so easy to create with the Cricut Joy. Use the blank insert mat to complete this project in just one cut! You can access our “You’re A Peach” Card Design here.

DIY peach party invitations cards

Personalized Napkins

This idea is so much fun. You can personalize plain, inexpensive napkins to fit any party theme. We used our “You’re A Peach” design to create custom napkins for our peach party with our Cricut Joy and the smart vinyl. It’s so quick and easy to use since there is no mat required. You can find our “You’re A Peach” Sticker Design here.

Cricut Joy party decorations

We used our vinyl sticker on napkins, but you could use them on almost anything for your party like cups, vases, votive candle holders, or treat bags. The possibilities are endless!

DIY personalized napkins

DIY Acrylic Sign

My favourite of all the custom peach party decorations that we made was the DIY acrylic sign. I started out with a simple IKEA frame. This was a much cheaper option than the blank acrylic signs at the craft store. Then I used the smart vinyl in my Cricut Joy to cut it out.

DIY acrylic sign

You can find our “Sips and Sweets” design here. Just open it up in Design Space and select “Make It”. Now select “Without A Mat” and continue. Connect your device to the Cricut Joy using Bluetooth -no cords to worry about with the Cricut Joy. Next select your materials. We used the removable Smart Vinyl so that we can make a different version in the future if we want to.

DIY acrylic sips and sweets sign

Next you load your smart vinyl right into the machine and begin the cut. We used two different colours so after our first cut was done we loaded and cut a second colour.

Cricut Joy

To apply the vinyl to the acrylic frame first weed it, then apply. To keep our script perfectly spaced we used some Cricut Transfer Tape. Apply it to the front of the weeded vinyl, and smooth it with the cricut tool from the front and back. Next, slowly remove the vinyl backing, leaving the vinyl on the transfer tape. Lastly, apply the tape to the acrylic sign, and peel off the transfer tape.

how to make DIY party decorations with the Cricut Joy

I love how this turned out, and I’m sure I will use this technique to create lots of inexpensive acrylic signs for parties in the future. It would be so perfect for any desert or buffet table, or as table numbers. Lots of possibilities.

Peach Party

peach themed party

To set up the peach party I used our bar cart and added some peach and pink tassels, as well as some tissue paper tassels.

peach party

We couldn’t have a peach party without a big basket of full of peaches, so I added some to the bottom of the cart.

peach themed party ideas

The flowers are a combination of wild Queen Anne’s lace, and some peach gerbera dasies. I love how they turned out.

peach party decorations

Did you spot our bowl of fuzzy peach candies -everyones favourite around here.

peach party ideas

Donut Peach Shortcakes

peach party

A few years ago I made some Donut Strawberry Shortcakes -see the recipe here. And they quickly became a family favourite. Since peaches are in season, I thought a peach version would be delicious too -and guess what? They were!

easy peach dessert

Here’s how to you make them. Slice a honey cruller donut in half. Add some sweetened whipped cream, and some fresh peach slices. Add the top of the donut back on and enjoy! So easy and so delicious.

peach party

Peach Punch

peach themed party ideas

We made a really easy peach punch for our party too. We poured 1/3 strawberry peach juice, 1/3 peach nectar, and 1/3 sparkling water in a glass with some ice. This peach punch is so delicious. Want to make it alcoholic? Add some vodka for the adults.

peach punch recipe

This peach party was so much fun to put together, and our friends loved all the pretty details, and delicious food. I loved how simple and easy everything was to make -from quick and easy recipes, to 15 minute or less Cricut Joy projects.

peach party

With a Peach Party life really is a party!

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