DIY Wood Grain Faux Bois Wrapping Paper

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What better to go with our woodland Christmas theme than wood grain faux bois wrapping paper. I found this great little wood graining tool at Home Hardware -for my American readers you can get one at the Home Depot -for $4. This is a great little tool, and here’s how to use it to make wrapping paper.

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Start with some kraft paper, craft paint -I used silver and white, and acrylic glazing medium. I picked up the glazing medium at the art store for under $10.

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Mix the craft paint with the glazing medium, 1 part paint to about 2 parts glazing medium. Paint this mixture all over the paper in a thick-ish coat. Using the graining tool, slide it through the glaze, and rock it slightly to create the grain effect. It takes a little getting used too, there is definitely a little learning curve! But keep experimenting until you get a look you’re happy with, and once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy, honest. 😉 The glaze in the paint extends it’s drying time, so you have a while to play around with it. It you don’t like it, paint over it again and keep trying.

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You can do it on wrapping paper sheets, paper bags, or kraft paper gift bags. Truth in blogging, I did find it a little difficult to do a big sheet of wrapping paper, but with practise it gets easier. I found it was drying before I finished the whole sheet, but I just had to add the glaze-paint mixture a bit more thickly and work in sections. The little gift bags are much easy to work with. I did one side of the bags, let it dry completely, and then did the other side.

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Once the paint dried I gathered up some simple woodland embellishments, like twine, snowflakes, feathers, pine cones, tinsel, some twigs painted silver, and some great wood grain ribbon from Walmart.

a-wood grain wrapping paper 031

I really like the mix of the rustic with the silver sheen and sparkle for Christmas. I also used some wood veneer business cards that I stamped and wrote on for gift tags.

a-wood grain wrapping paper 013

Jingle bells were a fun addition too.

a-wood grain wrapping paper 038

This package is wrapped in white paper, and then just has a band of the wood grain paper -great way to add the wood grain detail, and not use up too much of the precious paper. 😉

a-wood grain wrapping paper 076

a-wood grain wrapping paper 080

a-wood grain wrapping paper 088

With packages this pretty, life really is a party!

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  1. I freaking LOVE this!! This would make some awesome paper for cards!

  2. I love this! So pretty.
    PS I have the same snowflake ornament – I used it for a stencil on my wrapping paper 🙂 looks beautiful how you used it.

  3. These are so beautiful, wonderful job!

  4. wow, how to dress up brown paper & make it look even more fab!! Thank you for this lovely inspiration…

  5. I’ve fallen hard for wood grain wrapping paper and if I can’t find some to buy, I may just have to follow your DIY and make my own. bravo!

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