20 Halloween Candy Alternatives

20 Halloween Candy Alternatives: ideas for something a little healthier, allergen free, or just different to give trick or treaters.
20 Halloween Candy Alternatives: ideas for something a little healthier, allergen free, or just different to give trick or treaters.

Today I’m sharing 20 Halloween candy alternatives. These are all things kids will love but aren’t full of sugar and empty calories.  

Why A Halloween Candy Alternative?

Peoples reasons for wanting an alternative vary. Some people are looking for an option with less fat and sugar, and don’t want to contribute to childhood obesity problems.

Others are looking for something vegan, organic, or allergen free.

And, some people just don’t want candy in the house, so they don’t eat it themselves. 😉 Others just want something a little different. Out of these 20 alternatives to candy, some will hopefully meet your criteria.

A nice perk to the candy alternatives is that non-food left overs can be saved for next year. I know with my kids that they love the candy, but get very excited as they’re sorting out their loot when they discover a non-candy treat too.

So I got my shop-on, and here are some options for a non-candy Halloween. I’ve also added the price per item. There will be some variance of course depending where you shop, but this should give you a good idea. Some items are stand alone, other’s you might group in a little treat bag, the choice is yours.

1. Stickers

20 Halloween Candy Alternatives

There’s a few options here, buy a large sticker book and cut the sheets into strips, or buy individual sheets. Since stickers are inexpensive, these are great to add to something else. I bought a couple books and cut them up into 25 strips of about 10 stickers each making them .04 cents for a strip of 10.

2. Glow anything…necklaces, bracelets, sticks, toys

Halloween candy alternative glow sticks

20 Halloween Candy Alternatives glow bracelets

I was surprised how many cool glow items are out there. Any glow items makes a terrific Halloween candy alternatives, because kids adore them. By far the best prices were at the dollar store, ranging from .20 cents per necklace, .16 cents each for the bracelets, and .31 cents for the glowing spinning tops. I might hand these out glowing so kids could wear them trick or treating, prepare to be the cool house on your street, just sayin…

3. Kool-aid Jammers

Kool-aid jammers Halloween candy alternative idea

I saw these at Walmart for $1.67 for 10 making them .16 each, can’t beat that, and kids do really love them.

4. Popcorn

microwave popcorn

I found the mini bags at Fresh Co. on sale for $2.97 for 8 mini bags, making them .37 cents each. My kids have been given special Halloween popcorn that is orange when popped, and Act II also has special mini bags for shelling out sold in a case of 40.

5. Playdough

Halloween play-doh

At Walmart this playdough was $6.86 for 15 pots, making them .45 cents each. I also found some at the dollar store that was $3 for 8, making them .38 cents each. Maybe a little pricey, but definitely a hit with kids I know.

play dough set

6. Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate mix

Last year my girls received some hot chocolate envelops while trick-or-treating, and it was the first thing they wanted when they got home. I found some at Fresh Co that was $2.49 for 10 packets, making them .25 cents each.

7. Pencils and or Erasers

Halloween pencils

Pencils are a classic, these are a little fancy with erasers on the end. They were $2 for 8, making them .25 cents each. There were also lots of pencils that were $1 for 10, so .10 cents each, and bags of inexpensive Halloween erasers too.

8. Bouncy Balls

Halloween Candy Alternatives -bouncy balls

Everyone loves a bouncy ball. I found these in the loot bag section of the dollar store, they were $1 for 5, making them .20 cents each.


Halloween bookmarks

I saw these cute little bookmarks at the party store. In general the party store was a little more expensive than other places I looked, but these were only $1.29 for 12, making them about .10 cents each. I bought a few packs myself, so cute and not scary.

10. Plastic Animals

Halloween Candy Alternatives dinosaur toys lizard toys

Little plastic animals, bugs, dinosaurs, and lizards at the dollar store would be a hit with any kid. At $1 for a pack of 10, they’re only .10 cents each, great in treat bag with some other stuff.

11. Temporary Tattoos

Halloween tattoos

These Halloween tattoos were from the party store and $7.49 for 120 making them .06 cents each. Again they would be good in a treat bag with something else. There were also lots of other variations at the dollar store, but I liked that these were Halloween themed.

12. Silly Bands

Halloween silly bands

At the party store I also saw these fun packs of Halloween silly bands. They were 5.99 for 18 packs with 3 silly bands each, making them .33 cents each. They also had regular silly bands at the dollar store that I’m sure would be a hit.

13. Bubbles

Halloween Candy Alternatives bubbles

Good old bubbles, always a hit. Find them in the loot bag section. These were 4 for $1, making them .25 cents each.

14. Goldfish

goldfish crackers

These are a great option for someone looking for something with less sugar. 7.99 for 50, making them about .16 each. And, any left overs could be sent in your kids school lunches, or donated to the food bank.

15. Finger Flashlights

finger flashlights

These were a favourite of mine and I bought several packs for my trick or treaters. They’re little flashlights that fit on your fingertip. My own kids have received them in loot bags and played with them a lot. I also kind of like that they’re not too Halloweenish so they have a little more staying power after all the decorations and stuff get packed up. They cost $1 for 4, making the .25 cents each.

16. Mini-Stamps

Halloween Candy Alternatives ink stampers

Most kids enjoy a little stamper, these were were 5 for $1, making them .20 cents each.

17. Dracula Teeth

vampire teeth

A Halloween classic, what kid won’t love these. At the dollar store they were 10 for $1, making them .10 cents each.

18. Disguise Nose and Glasses

disguise nose and glasses

How cute are these, and fitting for Halloween dress-up, I thought. I found them in the loot bag section of Walmart. They were 5 for $1, making them .20 cents each.

19. Kazoos


Every kid loves to make noise. Find these in the loot bag section of the party store. 5 for $2, makes these .40 cents each.

20. Tooth brushes


For the health conscious perhaps. These were 2 for $1.25 at the dollar store.

Keep in mind all my prices are Canadian, and don’t include tax. Hope this gives you a few new ideas! Happy Trick or Treating.

With all these great Halloween candy alternatives, life really is a party!

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