20 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $20

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 20 great gift ideas for everyone on your Valentine’s Day list, and all for under $20.
Valentine's Day Gift Guide: great gift ideas for everyone on your Valentine's Day list, and all for under $20.

Something for every Valentine on your list, and all at under $20.  (All prices are in US Dollars.)  Perfect for gift giving, and spreading a little love to those who are extra special.  I hope this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide gets you all ready for Valentine’s Day this year.

For The One You Love

Nat King Cole Love Songs album cover

1.  Nat King Cole -Love Songs

Because my husband is a sentimental romantic at heart, and chose “When I fall in love” as the first dance at our wedding, and I believed him.  $10.99

heart pancake making set

2.  Heart Shape Pancake Making Set

Because pancakes alone + heart shaped = true love.  Who won’t love a special Valentine’s Day breakfast of heart shaped pancakes.  No one, that’s who.  $14.99


Sense and Sensibility Movie

3.  Sense and Sensibility

Because a romantic movie and Valentine’s Day just go together -maybe add a bottle of wine too.  😉  This one is a classic, and my guy likes maybe even more than I do.  Rent- $3.99  Buy- $9.99


Ice cream bowl set with gold hearts

4.  Ice Cream Bowls and Scoop Set 

Because a Valentine’s Day with ice cream sundaes, well it’s the cherry on top -literally.  It would be fun to pick up some fun ice cream flavours, syrups, whipped cream, cherries, and sprinkles and a fun build-your-own-sundae night. $19.99

wood iPhone case

5.  Wood Cell Phone Case

Because the feel of the wood case is so nice, and it’s cool, and I get lots of compliments on mine.  $8.99

warm vanilla sugar bubble bath

6.  Bubble Bath

Because I think almost everyone loves a bubble bath.  Light some candles and put on some music and draw a warm bath for the your kids, or your sweet heart.  Warm Vanilla Sugar is I think my favourite, but they pretty much all smell amazing.  The shower gel can be used just like bubble bath. 10.95


For Him


Valentine beer kit

7.  Beer Packaging

Because, let’s face it, he loves beer.  This set is just the packaging, so you can fill it with whatever his favourites are.  You add the cute labels to the bottles and put it in the six-pack.  It’s so cute, and it’s beer.  $9.99

battery charge pack

8.  Battery Charger

Because if you ever run out of battery, this handy little backup battery is a life saver.  And because my guy loves gadgets, and yours might too. 15.99



9.  Flashlight

Because it’s super bright, has a little carry case, and again, it’s a nice little gadget.  It even comes with batteries!  15.27

For Her

vintage Valentine's Day chocolate box

10.   Vintage Inspired Chocolates

When I was a little girl, I remember these elaborate heart chocolate boxes in the stores at Valentine’s Day.  I thought they were so, so beautiful, and I also remember thinking someday maybe my sweetie would buy me one. I don’t even like chocolate that much, the idea of one of these pretty vintage inspired chocolate boxes seems like a dream come true to me.  $14.99


love necklace

9.  Love Necklace

This pretty, and simple gold necklace is so sweet.  It perfect for Valentine’s Day.  It’s made by Foxy Originals, I love their products and I’m sure you will too.  $11.99

small marble bowl

12.  Little Marble Bowl

Because it’s marble, and although it doesn’t seem too romantic, it’s useful and timeless and beautiful, and what every woman really wants.  Am I right?  $8.54


gold teaspoon and measuring cup sets

13.  Gold Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups

Because you probably already have measuring spoons, and cups so you won’t buy yourself new ones, but they’re probably ugly old plastic, and these are all shiny, and gold and they just make you want to bake something! $4.99 and $5.99


longitude and latitude necklace

14.  Longitude Latitude Necklace

Because how romantic is it to give the woman you love a necklace with the longitude and latitude of some where special -maybe your home, perhaps your honeymoon location, or where you first met. $17.95


temporary tattoos

15.  Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Because they’re metallic, and sexy, and sassy, and temporary.  I love these for a night out,  and they come off easily with a little baby oil (top tip).  They make a girl feel cute. $8.59




Valentine's Day pillows

16.  Valentine’s Day Pillow

Because my friend Lucy from Craftberry Bush sells the most beautiful pillows. There are lots of beautiful ones, for any time of year, but these are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  $20 each


For Kids

valentine book ideas for kids

17.  Pink is for Blobfish -Jess Keating

Because pink doesn’t have to be girly.  This book is perfect for any kid that loves nature and weird facts.  It’s all about some pretty unusual pink animals and couldn’t be more perfect for Valentine’s Day for the kid in your life who isn’t too girly or frilly.  Great book. $16.99


happy valentine's day, mouse story book

18.  Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse Storybook

Because if you have littles, a special storybook means a special cuddle at bedtime.  And this series of books about the mouse -remember “If you give a mouse a cookie”? is so good.  $5.33


toy cupcakes

19.  Soft Cupcake Set

Since Valentine’s Day is for all things sweet, I think this soft cupcake set would be perfect for any little ones in your life.  Chances are they’ve had enough actual sugar throughout the special day, but this is the perfect way to let them have their cake and eat it too. $14.29


For The Dog

Valentine's Day dog bones

20.  Milk Bone Mini’s

Because this year we have a puppy, and little Oscar gives us so, so, much love, we should send a little extra his way this time of year too.  Seriously, puppy love is the best.  $8.99


I hope you’re feeling inspired to shower the ones you love this Valentine’s Day.  Around here, we love parties, and special meals, and homemade gifts, and special thoughtful little presents too.

With a special Valentine’s Day gift guide for everyone on your list, life really is a party!

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for helping to support Life is a Party.








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