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3D Origami Hearts

3D Origami Hearts -create your own origami hearts out of old book pages. Perfect for Valentine’s Day decor, wedding decor, or a baby nursery.

A wooden bowl full of paper 3d origami hearts made out of white, brown and book page paper.

What’s better than a bowl full of hearts for Valentine’s Day?  Nothing.  And these 3D Origami Hearts are super easy to make too.


For this project, I made lots and lots of the 3D Origami Hearts out of

    • plain white paper,
    • brown kraft paper,
    • old book pages 
    • watercolours

Some of the book pages were painted with pink watercolours before I folded them, for a little bit of pretty colour.  You can make your hearts as big or small as you like.

A 3d origami heart made from an old book page.

Brave Hearts

Origami is one of those things that is easier to explain in a video than in writing, so…

I had to get brave and try something new.

And it raised all those feelings in me that I don’t like.  Feelings like…I don’t know what I’m doing.  It even made me a little bit grumpy.

A wooden bowl full of paper 3d origami hearts, and a gold arrow.

But then my YouTube watching 11 year old daughter Paige helped me out…well basically did it for me.  And she was really patient, and kind, and encouraging, and sweet.

This bowl full of hearts project, ended up reminding me what amazing hearts my home is full of.  It made me so grateful for my girls, and my sweet husband, and that all the answers to my questions are on-line, and that an old dog can learn some new tricks.  haha.

The edge of a large wooden dough bowl filled with paper hearts in white, brown and soft pink.

So, here’s our first ever Life is a Party YouTube video!  (With special thanks to Paige, Maddie, and Roland)

How To Make A 3D Origami Heart Video

A 3d origami heart made from an old book page watercolored soft pink.

I added my finished hearts to a wooden bowl for some fun Valentine’s Day decor.  These would also be really fun given as Valentine’s.  I think they would also be great as part of the decor for a baby or wedding shower.  You can make them in any colours, and since they’re just paper, they’re really inexpensive to make.

With a bowl full of hearts for Valentine’s Day, life really is a party!

Love to decorate for Valentine’s day with neutral colours?  Check out our Simple Valentine’s Day Decor Home Tour.

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  1. Thanks Andrea. I was kind of amazed how well she knew how to make a video, and then she had all these little tips from watching YouTube videos, it was the sweetest. You should definitely give it a try!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. I love these little puffy hearts. I made origami hearts for Valentine’s Day this year and also a (girly) baby shower. Mine were the flat kind but I absolutely love these 3D ones. Good luck and God Bless you for all your future videos. <3

  3. I love this video so much!You are amazing:)
    I wish you mention me in your next video.
    I hope you read this.

  4. So easy to follow, thanks so much for the video. I will definitely use these for my wedding reception. So sweet!

  5. Hi Dannyelle my year 7 son has an origami project and I’ve been looking for great, but easy origami for him to do. I have to say not only are your hearts gorgeous, but your tutorial made them super easy! Thank you so very much.

  6. Great tutorial! I’ve just made one and put it in my boyfriends slipper to find when he gets in from work.

  7. I’m going to use these for the craft at my son’s friendship party next week! I found some really pretty wrapping paper to use from the dollar store, and I think that it will satisfy both the girls and boys in the class. Thanks for your very clear instructions! You guys made a great video! Just wondering what size your squares of paper were…

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    We used all different sizes of paper -from average paperback book size to a little larger and a little smaller. Hope this helps. Just play around with it and see what you like.
    Best of luck, and I;d love to see some pictures of the party, please share over on my facebook page.
    Thanks so much,

  9. Hi Cathy, you must have had your paper upside down, there’s a point in the video where I remind you to make sure the open side of the paper is at the top. Hope this helps, best of luck!

  10. I used to have a substitute teacher that I LOVED and this just brings back memories of my little kid self great video so easy to understand

  11. That is easy!! I just spent 30 minutes making a 3D heart with lots of steps to it …yours is much easier!!
    Thank you!

  12. Thank you for the video. The little hearts are wonderful. I plan to give them to friends on V day. Easy, inexpensive and really, really cute. Your video made it so easy to learn to make them.

  13. I usually never reply to videos. I found this on Pinterest, love your presentation and the video was awesome. Kudos to your production team LOL. Keep up the great work the origami looks intimidating but the video made it look so simple I’ll definitely browse your page. Have a great day from my lil fam. To yours hearts and stars

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