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One Room Challenge -Week One
Caramel Pumpkin Butter and Fall Smores
Canadian Fall Home Tour
Smooth Cottage Cheese Apple Dip

Fall Party

Fall party 18 1

This month for our #AYearOfFeasting we had a very casual little get together with close friends, and it was lovely.  We’re in the middle of a big makeover for the One Room Challenge which means the dining room is kind of turned upside down.  If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me doing some painting, painting, and more painting.  So how do you entertain in the middle of a re-decorate?

Fall party 15

You order pizza, move the party to the kitchen, and have fun right in the middle of the chaos.  The #YearofFeasting is a the challenge we set ourselves up with for the year to host one get together per month, in an effort of opening up our home and our hearts more to our dear ones.  After 9 parties since January, I have to say that the dining room challenge seemed like the perfect reason to skip this month.  But I thought it would be better to host another get together, and take the stress out of it by making it a really simple get together.  We thought about pizza in the park, but it’s a little cold here now, so it was a kitchen party for the win.

Fall party 3

The menu was super simple.  I put together a little veggies and dip…store bought dip, and chopping a few veggies.  My friends asked if they could bring anything, and I got them to pick up the pizza on the way over.  Does it get any easier than that?

Fall party 13

For drinks, I served some apple cider in these sweet little bottles with the perfect fall leaf paper straws.

Fall party 2

For desert, I picked up some yummy apple fritters -so, so good.

Fall desserts 1

I also picked up some fresh, local apples.

Fall dessert station 4

And since it’s fall, and getting a little chilly, I made some hot chocoate, and set it up with some Gay Lea whipped cream -made with real cream, and sprinkles.  Yum.

Fall hot chocolate 5

After lunch, I thought it would be fun to play Pie Face Showdown together -and it was!

Fall party 16

The girls all loved the game, and the whole kitchen was full of laughs and giggles -from the grown-ups too.  This game is perfect for a party, especially with the holidays approaching.


Pumpkin painting party 11

Pumpkin painting party 10

DSC 0679


After The Pie Face Showdown, we painted some pumpkins.


We set up some paint, and glitter, and a few different kinds of pumpkins to choose from.

Pumpkin painting party 9

Pumpkin painting party 7

The girls made some very pretty pumpkins.

Pumpkin painting party 6

It was the perfect fall afternoon -despite the mess in the dining room; in fact because of the mess in the dining room.  The easy, low prep, low key, fun, and simple, order pizza, and play a fun game, and drink hot chocolate and eat donuts and paint pumpkins was the PERFECT easy fall party!

So this weekend, have some friends over for pizza and doughnuts, and a game and pumpkins and enjoy fall, and friends.  With an easy fall party with your favourite people, life really is a party!

“Disclosure: I am part of the Gay Lea Ambassador Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

Ribbon Wall Hanging

Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project

I’m joining 11 other Canadian Bloggers today for the #12MonthsofDIY challenge, this month our material was ribbon.  Be sure to check out all their projects at the end of this post.

My ribbon project is this easy and beautiful Ribbon Wall Hanging.

Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project


To make the wall hanging all you need is:

  • ribbons in various widths, and materials
  • twine
  • pompom yarn
  • various kinds of lace
  • yarn tassels
  • vintage keys
  • a birch branch
Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project

How To:

To make the wall hanging, tie some twine to each end of the branch to form the base of the wall hanging.  Then loop the ribbons, twine, and lace over the branch alternating widths, patterns, and textures.  It’s so simple.

Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project

For interest add in some tassels and vintage keys.

Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project

I designed mine so it came to a bit of an informal V, but streight across would be pretty too.

Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project

The neutral colours are really pretty, but it would also be gorgeous in a little girls room or nursery in pinks or soft pastels.  So many pretty possibilities.

Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project

With a pretty Ribbon Wall Hanging, life really is a party!
Now it’s time to see the rest of the DIY ribbon project ideas from my Canadian blogging friends!

Ribbon Wall Hanging: Easy DIY Project

From the top left, they are:

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Ribbon Wall Hanging from Life Is A Party

Black Furniture Makeover

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

It’s Week Three of the The One Room Challenge, and this week I made-over the three large pieces in the dining room.  If you missed Week One -The Plan you can catch up here, or Week Two -The Parson Chair Slipcovers here.

We’ve had the buffet and the console table for about 10 years, we bought them when we first moved into the house.  We were so excited to have a dining room in this house, and I couldn’t wait to decorate it and start having people over!  When I bought them I was going for a more modern, contemporary vibe than we’d had before.  It has served us well, but when I decided to update the dining room to more of a Rustic Scandinavian feel, I knew I wanted to really lighten things up, and that the black furniture wouldn’t work anymore.

I considered buying new pieces, but trying to sell old furniture is a pain, and you never seem to get much out of it.  Even though I’m a novice, I decided it was worth the risk to try to paint them all white.  I’m so glad I did, because I love how they turned out.  It saved us a lot of money to reuse our old furniture, and it really didn’t take me very long either.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

I started with giving all three pieces a sand.  For the console table, I went over it with some fine sandpaper and my palm sander, it was just a really quick job to give the paint some grit to stick to.  I wasn’t trying to remove the black stain, I was just roughing it up ever so slightly.  It really was about a 10-15 min. job, and then I wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

The buffet was the piece I was the most worried about.  It was black and shiny, and sanding it felt a little bit like blasphemy.  But after the first pass of the sander I was committed and I just went for it.  I removed the handles first, and then sanded it with a medium grit sandpaper, then went over it again with the fine grit, just trying to remove some of the high shine and give the Fusion Mineral Paint a good base to stick to.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

The china cabinet was my Grandmother’s and my Mom had it refinished for us as a wedding gift.  It worked great in our old house in the kitchen, but at this house it needed to go in the dining room, and the wood just didn’t go with everything else.  We decided then to paint it black.  The black served us well, and now it was time to paint it white.  Again, I just did a light sanding to prep it and removed the handles.

Then it was time for the paint!  I used Fusion Mineral Paint.  I love this paint.  It’s so easy to use -minimal prep, goes on really smoothly, and a leaves a beautiful finish.  It’s also low VOC so I didn’t even have to take the pieces outside, I just opened the window.  And soap and water clean-up -which I also love.  I chose “Casement” white as the colour and I’m really pleased with it.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

A great little tip I found on the Fusion website and tried out was using a piece of plastic wrap over the lid.  In the past, I’ve had trouble getting the lid off after it’s been resealed.  This little tip kept the paint from sealing it shut, and I highly recommend you try it.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

The first night I got everything sanded, and the first coat of paint on all three.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

It took 3-4 coats in total to cover my pieces, since they were so dark before.  I managed to get all three pieces completely painted the next day, and then let them dry over night so they’d be ready for the finishing step.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

The last step was to add a top coat.  On the console and buffet, since they have flat tabletop surfaces I used Fusion Tough Coat.  I loved working with this, it was so easy to apply, just rub on with a damp cloth.

On the china cabinet I used the Beeswax Finish, just to give it a smooth satin finish.

When they were all done it was time to add the handles back.  I had forgotten how awesome the handles on the china cabinet were.  I had painted them all black when I painted the cabinet originally, but under that black paint two were ceramic and one was a really pretty brass and ceramic.  I chipped the paint away with my fingers, and now they’re my new favourites.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

On the buffet, I used a gold rub to update the handles….but I’m thinking of switching them out to match the console since I so love the brass cup handles I added to it.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

I had to drill new holes for the new brass cup handles, and that was probably the most stressful part of the entire project.  But they turned out great.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

I had fun styling it with some Rustic Scandinavian pieces.  I can’t wait until the whole room is done.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

I was more than a little nervous to begin these big pieces, since they weren’t so bad to start with.  I liked them black, but wanted them light and bright.  I’m so glad I took the risk.

Black Furniture Makeover: Fusion Mineral Paint how-to.

I’m going to save the big reveal of the other two pieces until the final reveal of the whole dining room -in just 3 more weeks.


I’ve still got the room to paint, and the dining table to refinish along with all those finishing touches, but so far, so good.

With the Black Furniture Makeover done, life really is a party!

“Disclosure: Fusion Mineral Paint kindly supplied materials for this project, but the opinions -as always, are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Life is a Party possible.”

Driftwood Pumpkins

Driftwood Pumpkins: Easy DIY driftwood pumpkin tutorial

I shared these pretty Driftwood Pumpkins in my Fall Home Tour, and promised a tutorial on how to make them.  They’re simple to make, and a great addition to any fall decor.

Driftwood Pumpkins: Easy DIY driftwood pumpkin tutorial


  • small driftwood pieces
  • a balloon
  • hot glue


Driftwood Pumpkins: Easy DIY driftwood pumpkin tutorial

1.  Start by inflating a balloon, this will be the base for your pumpkin.  You can change the size of your pumpkin by how much you inflate the balloon.


2.  Hot glue the driftwood pieces to each other in overlapping triangles all the way around the balloon base.  Take care not to pop the balloon with a pointy stick or the hot glue.  Fill in the driftwood pieces enough to form a solid sphere.

Driftwood Pumpkins: Easy DIY driftwood pumpkin tutorial

3.  When the glue is cool and dry, pop the balloon.  Lastly add a stem piece to the sphere to make it look like  a pumpkin.

Driftwood pumpins

I set my driftwood pumpkins up on my little washstand along with some pretty velvet pumpkins.

Driftwood Pumpkins: Easy DIY driftwood pumpkin tutorial

I love the subtle neutral colours of the driftwood, and they add a lot of texture too.

Driftwood Pumpkins: Easy DIY driftwood pumpkin tutorial

With easy Driftwood Pumpkins, life really is a party!

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